Gay Couple Sealing Valentine’s Meal With A Kiss Told They Were In A “Family Restaurant”

A gay couple ended up storming out of a restaurant instead of enjoying their Valentine’s Night dinner, because they were told other diners were disturbed by them.

Sam Anderson and Angus Reilly are both students at the London School of Economics, and they’re dating.

The two were enjoying their Valentine’s dinner at a restaurant called the Mumbai Inn/Restaurant. During that meal, the two kissed and exchanged gifts.

As Anderson told BBC News:

“A couple of minutes later, Mr Rana [the owner] came up to the table and stood over us, in a fairly intimidating way, we felt.”

“He told us it was a family-friendly restaurant.”

The Mumbai Inn / Image via Google Maps

After being told they were in a “family-friendly restaurant” the two left. Then, they went to BBC News to share their story.

“What upset us was the intimidating way he went about it and the fact he referenced it was a family-friendly restaurant,” continued Anderson, “As if being a gay couple is something that not is family friendly.”

“We did not feel comfortable in that restaurant, we did not feel wanted.”

The couple also complained on social media, which apparently found its way to the restaurant because the manager reportedly wrote them an apology.

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  1. what assholes in this day –

    what assholes in this day – this is still  going on we gay men can give the Man we love a kiss & if you see it – Don't look  angry


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