Gay Men’s Chorus Sings Away The Hate At Knoxville Pride Festival

The Washington Gay Men's Chorus is definitely being heard.  On its Southern states tour, hash tagged with #MakeThemHearYou, they made a wonderful and necessary stop in Knoxville, Tennessee. There, they raised their voices and encircled some of or biggest fans, the Westboro Baptists.  The video says it all.

The original tweet is below followed by another of the group singing "Make Them Hear You"  at the Equality March in Washington DC on June 11th.

Thanks for standing up and singing up for us GMCWashington‏ @GMCWashington 

2 thoughts on “Gay Men’s Chorus Sings Away The Hate At Knoxville Pride Festival”

  1. God is to  judge not you ..

    God is to  judge not you …stop the hate go donate time building homes. .helping the poor and raising money for charities..your not doing gods work..your just a hateful person your efforts do not help or raise anyone out of poverty. You make no difference other then the time you spend hating instead of helping. One day god will judge you like you judged others and he won't be happy with your hate.go pride!!

    • There is no evidence for the

      There is no evidence for the god you are advocating. No where there is the tiniest evidence. What there is evidence for is the fact that it is all myths from the Middle East. You can even track down the evolution of Yahweh until he was chosen as the only god Hebrews would worship discarding all others they previously believed in.


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