Gay New Yorker Killed By Date 40-Years His Junior

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We have yet another story of a man who was killed by his dating app date. Despite similar stories popping up weekly, this one still carries a haunting tone.

According to the New York Post, 64-year-old Kenneth Savinski met 24-year-old Alex Scott this past Wednesday through a dating app. The two decided to go to Savinski’s East 83rd apartment.

“We see the two of them on surveillance video, walking arm in arm,” Assistant District Attorney Shira Arnow said in court.

“The victim thought this would be a romantic liaison. The defendant thought this would be an opportunity to rob and attack,” Arnow added.

And it seems “attack” is exactly what Scott did. Using a knife or a sharp ceramic object, Scott allegedly stabbed Savinski in the face and neck before strangling the victim to death. Police think he then took several things like Savinski’s watch, credit cards, and cash.

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“Two hours after we see him go into the victim’s apartment, he leaves,” the prosecutor shared. “On surveillance video … we see him wearing the victim’s jacket, counting cash.”

“Over the next day, he used the victim’s credit cards to buy himself food, to buy new clothing and cab rides.”

Eventually, it was Scott himself who gave himself in. The suspect walked into the Midtown North Precinct with Savinski’s credit cards and ID on him. According to Arnow, Alex Scott came to the police with the story that he didn’t remember the past few days but thought he might have killed someone. His court-appointed attorney also argued that Scott was violently ill and may not have received proper care.

After being booked, it was revealed that Scott has a past history with the police in his home state of Oklahoma. He was charged with sexual assault and had cut off an electronic monitoring bracelet before running away to New York.

Currently, Scott is being held by police without bail.

Source: New York Post

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