Gay Times Magazine Editor Suspended!

Gay Times Magazine Editor Suspended!

Dozens of Offensives Tweets Surface After Editor Pushes For Diversity!

OH, girl you’ve got some explaining to do!

I’m certain you know of Gay Times Magazine UK. Like Instinct Magazine, it is a heavily followed news source for the LGBTQ community. As a Contributing Writer for Instinct, I am constantly looking to be inspired by the work of my fellow LGBTQ media brothers and sisters and frequent their website for their interesting articles, perspectives, and stories.  

We’ve all had some reason to have an issue with any LGBTQ media outlet, even myself and I am in the industry! We sometimes feel the rainbow media is forcing certain celebrities down our throats, sharing thirst trap posts featuring only athletic, Caucasian jocks, and publishing topics that aren’t wide enough to reach every sub-genre of the LGBTQ community. It seemed the LGBTQ media may be working as a corporation, not the Mom and Pop places that we love and identify with to subtly, or not so subtly tell society we have to act a certain way, be masculine, be wanted, be sexual, be white – it's often too damn much!

I've been in the realm of people who are underrepresented and understand the frustrations and it was clear that a change needs to come, so I am sure the hope of hiring a mixed-race editor to alter such frustrations and move in a forward and positive direction sounded extremely promising to those who felt their voices were not heard.

The hope appeared to become a reality when Gay Times Magazine UK hired Josh Rivers to be its newest editor.  With this announcement, everyone lost their minds, believing that change was coming, a change that would reflect the current politically correct climate, hope of more inclusion for all spectrums of the LGBTQ community, and a change we have been waiting to see.

Well, that was a short-lived dream.

According to Buzzfeed, Josh Rivers has been suspended after his offensive tweets have come to surface! Yikes! Why?! Where is that Tyra Banks video?! “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How dare you!?”

The tweets that are gaining attention are a little disturbing. It kind of sounds to me like a drunk, ignorant gay guy at a bar, we all know that guy, right? Was Rivers under some kind of influence when tweeting some of these? Either way, I’m not sticking up for him, because they are a bit inexcusable. He really should’ve checked out his entire social media before accepting the job. Because, as we’re all unfortunately unaware, everything on the Internet lives forever. His tweets blatantly degrade lesbians, different countries, Jewish people, different races, and even gay people themselves. Hmm, I wonder what he’s saying about us now?

Check out some of the tweets that have the LGBTQ community in an uproar:

There are literally tons more offensive tweets, but I don’t have the energy to post all of the negativity. Rivers was interviewed by Buzzfeed, who read his offensive tweets aloud. Rivers was taken back by the tweets, believing they may not have even been from his Twitter. Surprise: They were. He back tracks, claiming his political awakening has been recent. This is the gentleman who was just calling for more diversity and representation in all media, but particularly LGBTQ media. Rivers tells Buzzfeed:

“I think it shows an immaturity, a certain amount of self-loathing. I think it shows that before recently I hadn’t been aware of the effects that social media and using platforms in such a nasty and pernicious way had.” I think, he says, “it shows I have grown."

Ironically enough, two days ago, Instinct shared a video with Rivers in it advertising the newest dating app, Chappy. The video has a theme of eliminating hate and prejudice. Are your eyebrows raising? Mine are! YIKES! Really bad timing for all parties involved.

If you’re as nosey as I am, you need to hear the latest news: Gay Times has currently suspended Rivers as their Editor. They’ve taken to Rivers preferred method of venting, Twitter, to release their statement:



Of course, Gay Times UK separate themselves from Rivers immediately. It was the right thing to do. No one can be shocked by that. Rivers is agreeing with the anger and flack from the LGBTQ community. He makes an apology on Twitter – which honestly – I find genuine. Check it out below:



There is a possibility for change in anyone’s life. People do grow, mature, and change – each and every day. Are we willing to forgive Rivers for his past? Should he be allowed back as Editor of Gay Times UK? As much as I want to let the past stay there, I don't truly think anyone sane would be writing hateful tweets on such a public forum without thinking twice. Why was it necessary to post these tweets? They certainly weren't entertaining. Some things you just don't say unless you're at the kitchen table. Yes, people can change, but what's the next road to take here?!

What do you think?