German Man Gets Penis Stuck In Dumbbell. Firefighters Slice Him Out Of It.

There are a ton of "objects" of sorts that one can thrust their manhood into (have you seen what's being sold at those adult video shops lately?) but one that never seems to come to mind is a dumbbell.  Well, some moronic gymgoer decided to stick his penis into one, and what happened after that is truly something out of a bizarre sketch comedy show.

Per The Daily MailA man who stuck his penis in a dumbbell weight spent three hours surrounded by firefighters who sliced him free with power tools.

Angle grinders, a saw and a hydraulic rescue tool usually used to prize crash victims from vehicle wreckage were used to smash the 2.5kg disc on Friday.

This was after doctors were unable to remove the weight following the mishap at a gym in Worms, Germany.  Gotta love that this happened in a city called Worms.  HA.



The victim had to be sedated as firefighters from the city of Worms smashed the weight to free his penis, according to Metro

Firefighters shared a picture of the smashed weight on social media with some helpful advice for anybody tempted to squeeze their manhood into tight spots, saying: ‘Please do not imitate such actions!  Well… duh.

The surgery took eight hours to complete and his peen was saved.  Yay.  But seriously, WHY?  

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