Goa, India Will Host Its First Pride Parade This Weekend

Goa, a city on the western coast of India, will be hosting a Rainbow Pride Walk this weekend on October 28th.  Organizers feel the current climate within their community is not favorable toward LGBT citizens and the city needs to work toward awareness and acceptance.

While this Indian city is full of people that consider themselves open-minded, it still remains very conservative when it comes to LGBT issues.

Alexander Fernandes, one of the organizers of the Pride Walk said, "We hope this walk will get rid of homophobia in some way. We want people to know that we are not harmful or ‘bad people’. We deserve respect like anyone else, and that we too have human rights." It is estimated that 80% of Goa's LGBT population is still in the closet.

One of the main catalysts for the parade's organization is the rise in attacks on transgenders in the state.  It is becoming too common and community it is upset that they have to face people’s wrath.

Organizers are hoping the parade will help shed some light and allow people to feel comfortable coming out. As to lessen the reasons for complaining, the parade will take place without causing any traffic concerns.  It has also been shared that participants have been told they will be able to wear masks to hide their identity if they want. 

A film festival will also be held in the state capital, in which 4-5 movies on the struggles of the LGBT community, will be screened. There's also a party being planned to be held in one of the beach villages.

We wish the parade goers a safe and joyous celebration.

Do you think Pride Parades help in building up awareness and acceptance?


H/T: Its Goa

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