Gus Kenworthy – Will He Make It As Vlogger? Releases Second Entry.

To be honest, I don't follow a lot of people on Twitter or YouTube. I'm not sure why I don't but I think it boils down to me not wanting to spend my time that way.  It may also stem from me giving some gay vloggers a bit of a chance and then quickly vowed not to follow and have tried to block from appearing on any of my feeds since they annoy the f*$k out of me.

Popping up on one of those feeds was Gus Kenworthy's second vlog entry.  Having a pretty relaxing day so far, I decided to give Gus's video a shot and see what he had to offer (I'll insert his first one at the end of the blog).

Here it is! Vlog #2! In this episode Gus answers questions that you guys asked on Twitter!




What I liked about Gus was that he wasn't over produced or over scripted.  He was pretty down to earth, and yes, a little funny.  I enjoy listening to real people being real.  I enjoyed learning about his famous dogs, his aspirations, and what he says he's looks for in a man.

Yes, we cover him jumping naked into a lake, maybe showing some peen, and him being all lovey dovey with his bf, but its good to see someone that has been thrown into the LGBT spotlight be down to earth and do I dare say regular.

I've met some other vloggers, underwear designers, other LGBT writers, and even owners of LGBT publications and their shit don't stink, better than sliced bread, golden child, you talkin' to me, and I could buy and sell you attitudes galore.

We'll be keeping an eye out for vlog #3 in the future, and who knows, maybe I'll add you to my limited youtube people to follow list.

Okay Instincters …

What did you think of Gus's vlog?

What advice or feedback would you give him?

Who else do you follow that is pretty down to earth and I may like?


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