Hairy Or Not, Here’s The Manscaping Items You Can’t Live Without

Trends in manscaping are changing just as fast as mens fashion. According to the 2016 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, laser hair removal was the second most popular minimally invasive procedure among American males (right after Botox). The problem is that it’s not always practical for men with extremely hairy or nearly bare bodies, especially if you’re on a budget.

Instead of just doing “what’s in”, you can actually look your best by working with your natural features from your beard to your balls. We’ve provided full-body grooming tips for both hairy and hairless men on which techniques work best for different body parts.

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Here’s our manscaping guide, so you can flaunt your best hairy or hairless bod.


The Facial Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
For hygienic beard care, use an exfoliating face wash to deep clean any odor-causing bacteria. Finish your routine with a beard oil to hydrate your skin, mend split ends (yes, beards get split ends too) and minimize razor burn.

Try This: Context Micro-derm Regenerator, GOA Hyper-conditioning Beard Oil

If you’re a hairless guy:
Even if you don’t need to shave daily, you can still reduce the look of patchy stubble with a hair minimizing after shave. Since most after shaves aren’t formulated with SPF, protect your face with a lightweight, daily face moisturizer that contains SPF.

Try This: AB Crew Hair Minimizing After Shave, Context Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15


The Armpit Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
The rule of thumb is to trim your hairy underarms while wet to avoid painful pulling. Avoid trimming hair too short or else it’ll cause itching and discomfort.

Try This: Philips Norelco Showerproof Body Groomer

If you’re a hairless guy:
Try less time-consuming alternatives that make more sense for your bare armpits. Instead of shaving, apply a hair removal cream that’ll remove unwanted hair in just 3 minutes for a super smooth feel.

Try This: Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream


The Chest Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
For maximum chest-hair comfort, keep it short and trim. If you’re worried about botching it up, test your electric trimmer from the side and work your way in towards the middle. Finish with a body oil for a soft and smooth feel.

Try This: AB Crew Shredding Oil

If you’re a hairless guy:
If you only have a few chest hairs that bother you, try tweezing out any random strays. Keep in mind that tweezing can lead to ingrown hair, so exfoliate your chest after plucking to prevent your hair from getting trapped.

Try This: Mens Travel Grooming Kit Deluxe (tweezer included), Olivina Men Exfoliating All-In-One Scrub


The Arm & Leg Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
If your hairy arms and legs get in the way of everyday life, try trimming your body hair to a length that’s more comfortable. For best results, finish with a body lotion or oil for a super soft feel.

Try This: Remington Body Trimmer, AB Crew AB Cutting Body Hydrator


If you’re a hairless guy:
A self-tanning spray is a subtle way to show off your smooth arms and legs while masking any blemishes (a popular reason bodybuilders tan for competition). For best results, shave any stray body hair and spray on as directed.

Try This: Jet Set Sun Spray Tan


The Back Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
You can actually flaunt a hairy back that’s less noticeable with an at-home hair dye kit. Choose a color that’s slightly lighter than your actual hair color. Since these products are designed for you scalp, test a small patch before tackling your entire back.

Try This: Just For Men Easy Lather-In Hair Color

If you’re a hairless guy:
Try a body hair lightener for a safer, cost-effective alternative that can also be used for your chest, arms and legs. Since your body hair is so fine, it’ll look natural no matter what hair color you have.

Try This: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Golden Body Veil


The Pubic Hair:

If you’re a hairy guy:
Growing a full bush doesn’t have to be a sweaty nightmare, even for men with big balls. For all-day comfort and freshness, use male intimate care products that neutralize odor while keeping your balls dry. Since hair provides friction against fabric, don’t be afraid to try leather underwear or bondage pieces. Although mesh underwear is cooling, it can also be a giant net that pulls on your pubes. Avoid when you can.

Try This: Below The Belt Fresh & Dry Balls, Faux Leather Briefs White Caviar by Modus Vivendi

If you’re a hairless guy:
If you have a high pain tolerance, getting your sack waxed lasts longer than shaving and reduces the appearance of hair over time. Since you’re not tackling a big bush, it should be quicker and less painful, but it’s really a case-by-case procedure. Go for underwear that shows off your smooth package, like see-through or mesh briefs.

Try This: BodyHonee Professional Spa Wax, Check out this gay underwear collection of sheer thongs, jockstraps, male lingerie, and more!

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