Here are Five Things You Don’t Know About Bruce Beckham

If classically good looking men with a flair for style and sophistication is your thang, then Bruce Beckham is your guy.

Bruce has made a resurgence in the adult industry over the past year or so after leaving it many moons ago.  His comeback won him top honors at the Str8UpGayPorn awards this past June, and quite frankly… he deserves it.

Sure, he's a great looking guy, but there's so much more to him than what meets the eye.  For one, he's incredibly charitable, as he hosted an event with fellow porn star Boomer Banks recently to help the victims of the earthquake in Mexico.  

What else though?  Bruce sat down with me (clothed, sadly), to unveil five things you may not know about this Cleveland born, NYC current studmuffin.  Take a look. 

1. I was adopted at a very young age, and I've never met my birth father.  So theoretically, I could have a half-brother out there with some similar "assets." 

2. I prefer dogs to most people, and I volunteer and donate to Pitbull rescue charities as often as I can.  Pitbulls are beautifully innocent and loyal.  People and boyfriends, #notsomuch.

3. The first time I ever bottomed was late at night in an abandoned health club/fitness center on the westside of Cleveland.  A bartender at the first gay bar I ever went to picked me up that night.  His nickname was "Nick the Dick."  Nuff said. 

4. I was intentionally groomed to be a Christian televangelist by my parents when I was a preteen.  As I started discovering truths about my sexuality and religion's hypocrisy, I veered WAY off course from that plan.  To their chagrin and my elation.  

5. I recently broke down and started my own OnlyFans page.  Personally curating the content gives me an opportunity to interact in a new way with fans and produce tailor-made videos based on their direct feedback.  The industry keeps changing with technology, and adaptation allows me to remain in the orbit and indulge my voyeuristic side.

You can see his OnlyFans page here

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