Here are Five Things You Don’t Know About Jason Vario

You know how those celebrity magazines always have sections called "Stars… they're just like us!" That can also be said about men in the adult industry.  As someone who has lived in New York City for years, I have found myself surrounded by men in this particular industry, some of whom I can actually call my good friends.  A common misconception that they hear all the time is that they are nothing but sex robots, who stay out all night, party, drink and live a very hollowed out lifestyle because of it.

That is not really the case anymore, as many of these guys in the industry today have a level head and are very aware of the surroundings.  And just like stars, they truly are just like us.  Take for instance Jason Vario, who has become one of the big names in the industry over the past two years.

Jason, who currently resides in Toronto with his husband, has become a big name not only in the adult industry but a top personal trainer as well.  He is the anti for what people think gay porn stars are, as his life is pretty normal compared to the party circuit boys that are out there nightly (no judgment).

Jason gave us five things you didn't know about him.  Here's a hint guys: if you love computer games, you may have a shot with him!  Yay!  Take a look. 

1. I am a huge computer game nerd. I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 10 years and use to help design games as a teen.

2. I have been collecting old school Asian weapons for years and have trained with many of them.

3. I went to school for psychology and use to be a counselor.

4. Growing up next to the Rocky Mountains I am an avid snowboarder and love hiking.

5. When I’m not filming porn, I lead a pretty quiet home life with my husband while counseling and training my friends. 

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