Here’s a First Look at Lindsay Lohan’s Upcoming Christmas Film

In as early as October 3, Netflix already dropped the first look into Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming Christmas film entitled ‘Falling for Christmas,’ and it looks very interesting.

It seems like Netflix used the 36-year-old actress’ famous quote from ‘Mean Girls,’ writing:

“It’s October 3rd — but here’s an early holiday gift…”


Aside from Lohan, ‘Glee’ alum Chord Overstreet will also be starring in the holiday movie, as well as Olivia Perez.

As per PinkNews, ‘Falling for Christmas’ tells the story of Sierra (Lohan) who loses her memories after a skiing accident. In the days leading up to Christmas, she then tries to rediscover her identity with the help of a local lodge owner (Overstreet) and his daughter (Perez). 

In an interview with Netflix, Lohan described the upcoming film to be “extravagant, temperamental” and “glamorous.” 

“Christmas is a time when family comes together. [Falling for Christmas is] such a refreshing, heartwarming romantic comedy and I miss doing those kinds of movies,” the actress further expressed.


She also shared that she learned some new skills, and performed her own stunts during the filming of the Christmas movie.

“All the stunt scenes were really fun for me because I haven’t gotten to do that much in a lot of my films. When I’m flying off the hill, attempting to ski well and not doing it.

I love the idea of skiing, [but] I’m not very good at it,” Lohan stated.

‘Falling for Christmas’ will be premiering on Netflix on November 10. In the meantime, here’s the first look into the festive film:


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