How Would an ‘All Winners’ Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Play Out?

Instinct Magazine broke the news last month that RuPaul himself actually wants to do an all winners season of RuPaul's Drag Race, which broke the internet in many ways as we were all screaming YASSSSSSS behind our computer screens and in text chats with our hunties.  

So let's hypothetically say that an all-winners version does happen in the next two years.  I mean, Ru figured out that doing a second season of All Stars would pay off tremendously and boy did it and then some!  2018 is going to pretty much be all drag-all year as we are going to be inundated with new and familiar queens starting in January and going (most likely) into the summertime.  So why not keep this going into the fall with an all winners season?

So far, the show has had nine winners from RPDR and two winners of All Stars.  In case you forgot (I'm sure you didn't) here's how the winners in order:

Season 1: Bebe Zahara Benet

Season 2: Tyra Sanchez

Season 3: Raja

Season 4: Sharon Needles

Season 5: Jinkx Monsoon

Season 6: Bianca Del Rio

Season 7: Violet Chachki

Season 8: Bob the Drag Queen

Season 9: Sasha Velour

All Stars 1: Chad Michaels

All Stars 2: Alaska Thunderfuck

‚ÄčIt stinks that there are fan favorites who never won, like Katya or Alyssa Edwards in this mix, but suffice to say, these are eleven of the most incredible drag queens the show (and the world, quite frankly) has ever seen.  So how would this be broken down and who would ultimately come out on top?

If I had it my way, here's how I think the elimination order would be:

11th: Jinkx Monsoon.  I'm only putting her this low as she said in the podcast where Ru revealed he wanted to have an all winners version that she wouldn't put herself in that competition aspect again, so it would feel a bit "Adore Delano All Stars 2" ish which wouldn't be good.  I still love her though. 

10th: Sasha Velour.  This might be because she is the recent winner and hasn't really developed her brand as well as the other girls as of now, which could be her downfall if the show does happen.

9th: Bebe Zahara Benet.  There are rumors that she is the 10th queen to be on All Stars 3 in January, which could be a great renewal of why she won in the first place, but I wouldn't necessarily see her going too far this time around as the first couple of seasons of RPDR were very look heavy, which is something that has altered since her appearance.  

8th: Chad Michaels.  Love Chad, but All Stars 1 was a fluke of a season that should've never happened in the first place.  If Sharon wasn't on Season 4, she would've easily won against Phi Phi as she's a classically talented queen.  I can see her going a couple of episodes in, but not as far as she would like.

7th: Violet Chachki.  Violet would go far with her looks, as she has truly stepped her game up since season 7, but she got away from the bottom two many of times because of it.  Her acting performances and comedy were never on point, and that is something very reliant in an all stars/winners type season, so I don't see her making it that far. 

6th: Tyra Sanchez.  Hear me out folks, I know a lot of you don't like Tyra but in recent years she has really stepped her fashion game up and developed a strong following on social media that can easily be translated into her doing moderately well on an all winners season.  She could also be the big surprise that no one sees coming, given her original win was highly controversial in the first place.

5th: Bob the Drag Queen.  Love Bob, I really do, but she won S8 because the acting and comedy challenges were designed for her.  She'll make it far, but at some point her fashion will have to come into play and they aren't even with the girls that (might) place higher than her. 

4. Sharon Needles.  Sharon is a big reason why future winners like Jinkx and Sasha existed, because she was able to change how people viewed drag in a phenomenal way compared to the first three seasons that were simply about looks.  That will resonate in an all winners season as well, but it won't be enough for her to win overall.

3. Raja. Raja has done a really great job at showing her personality and humor on Fashion Photo Ruview and is one of the most intelligent queens to ever grace the RPDR stage.  She also has one of the best runway walks and an incredible sense of style as well, which can easily play to her advantage for an all winners season.

2. Alaska Thunderfuck.  I really have a hard time debating between her and Bianca for number one, as I think either of them could easily take over for Ru if she ever decides to retire from the show.  Alaska proved why she was a force to be reckoned with in both S5 and AS2, and would bring it even further in an all winners season with her comedy, style, and overall persona.  Hiiiii.

1. Bianca Del Rio.  Maybe I'm biased because I'm from NYC, but she's the best thing to ever happen to RPDR, still the most successful winner, and can easily do it all over again for an all winners season.

Who do you think would be crowned in an all winners season?

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