How Would You Rate Your Personal Satisfaction of your Own Junk?

Insecurities flare up in the gay community, and one that always seems to be a topic of conversation is how big or small someone's dick is.  Whether you are a top, bottom, oral only or just having a slow summer, the talk of someone else's package or especially your own gets brought up a lot, and it can lead to either yourself or someone you know feeling insecure about it.  Well, fear not, because many of those thoughts are exactly how other men feel, meaning you aren't alone with how you view your peen.

A recent study asked more than 4,100 men to report how they felt about certain physical aspects of their genitals.  They also asked questions regarding their sexual behavior and if their thoughts on their own member affected their sexual lives overall.

Breaking this down, here is where guys feel most satisfied personally:

  • Head of their penis.
  • Circumcision status.

The main neutral points in this were the scent or smell of their penis and the genital veins.  Interesting.

Here are where the issues come in.  According to the report, 27 percent of men did not like the appearance of how their penis looked in its flaccid state.  19 percent were unhappy with how it looked when it was erect, and 15 percent didn't care for the girth of it.

These stats have a way of influencing each person's behavior in the bedroom, which if they already have a negative view of their own junk, it can lead to insecurities when with another partner or partners.  Being dissatisfied can also mean that the person is less likely to want to receive oral sex as they are unhappy with one or many factors on how their penis is.

On the flip side, those who were happy with how their penis looked (50 percent) saw a healthy sexual appetite where they were enjoying some form of pleasure on a weekly basis.

It's an interesting study, as social media and gay porn often influence what a man's package is supposed to be and many of us just assume/hope that the person they are about to sleep with is above average size and look.  This is not always true, and hopefully some of the men who have these negative viewpoints can see that its not always how big or pretty the boat is, but the motion of the ocean (I'm sure many bottoms can agree to this).

What are your thoughts on this study? 

What do you think?