Human Rights Campaign Announces Largest Investment In Political Game


The Human Rights Campaign has announced the launch of HRC Rising, a grassroots initiative that will make the “biggest strategic investment” in 37-year history in an effort to influence 2018 senate races. HRC will be allocating $26 million to add a minimum of 20 staffers who will focus on local and state issues, especially in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada—each with top-tier Senate races.

The President of the Human Rights Campaign, Chad Griffin, says this:

“It’s not enough to resist the hateful policies and attacks coming from the Trump-Pence regime. We’ve got to accelerate the pace of progress toward full equality and secure protections for LGBTQ people in states and communities across the country. That’s why we’re going on offense with the largest grassroots expansion in HRC’s 37-year history. The power and determination of the 10 million LGBTQ voters and our allies across America will only continue to grow stronger in the face of discriminatory attacks on our rights and freedoms."

HRC Rising will also turn to allies, “pro-equality voters” as the election of Trump has created mobilization among these citizens.

Since its establishment in 1980, the HRC has been active in the political game, but since the recent election donations have flooded the organization in support of keeping the LGBTQIA community at the forefront of this movement.




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  1. I won’t consider contributing

    I won't consider contributing to HRC again until their current president, Chad Griffin, is gone.  His past actions have demonstrated that  he is more concerned about his personal career and agenda than the welfare of the LGBT community.  HRC, in an unprecedented action that ignored a large fraction of their supporters, endorsed Hillary Clinton prior to the Democratic Primary last year. I stopped my long time regular contributions to the HRC at that time and switched to local organizations and candidates. 


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