If underage girls are doing this, what are LGBT youth doing?

When I first started watching the clip below, I was thinking it's a cross between "How to Catch a Predator," "MY Kid Would Never Do That," and "What Would You Do?" All of these shows put people in semi-compromising positions and film the ensuing turmoil. 

I think this "The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment)" takes it all one step further.

People these days can’t stop using social media and advanced technology, and the kids does not necessarily have to leave the house to be in danger. Your kids can be in danger even if they are at home.

In the following video, uploaded on Youtube by the channel: Coby Persin, you are about to watch the truth about social media to show the world  how dangerous and real these social media threats can be. Watch an incredible social media experiment with the permission of a few teenage girl’s parents.

I’m calling all the parents to share this with all their friends because it’s really important!

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I remember the days when living in a small town of 3200 people, all I had to meet possible "friends" were AOL chat rooms, Gay.com, and icuii.  Now there's , well there's too many social media sites and apps to mention. 

I couldn't imagine at 12 and 14 doing things like this, but kids are different these days and have more tools at their disposal. It makes me think about my 11 year old niece and if she is safe and what she will go through in the next couple of years.  My sister and brother-in-law are amazing parents, but I am sure the parents in the video are, too.

Even as adults, we take some risks we shouldn't.  Heck, I vividly remember 2 meetings I wish never got past the hello stage for they did start to become uncomfortable.  I often think what would have happened if I did not cut things short. 

Do you think LGBT teens are more apt to partake in such activities?  I would say 1,000% yes.  When you're young and looking for acceptance, kids unfortunately do things they know are a little risky.  I asked the question in the title, "If underage girls are doing this, what are the boys doing?"  We know what they are doing. We've all been contacted more than once by an underage guy looking to meet up.  When we say no, what happens?  They move on to the next guy and the next and the next, until they find someone willing to meet.  Maybe there should be a video like this for the LGBT community.

I would like to say bravo to the parents for taking part in this experiment.  It goes to show, you can tell kids to be safe, but it may take showing them why it's necessary before it sinks in.

To your knowledge, have there been videos made like this involving LGBT scenarios? 

And to our straight and LGBT youth, be safe out there!

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