Instinct Digest – August 13 – Resharing Recent Important, Influential, Original, and Sexy Posts.


Here are some of our most read stories of this past week,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.


Let's Make It Official. #NationalGunclesDay Is Awesome!

A special day to celebrate all the G'Uncles out there!
When being visible, proud, and influential is a family thing.
Here are some pride-filled words from our writers.


Man Kicked Out Of Vegas Pool Says Speedo Rule Is Wrong

  Asked to leave because he (or his swimsuit) was too gay?


Did Stephen Amell Wear The Worst Pride Outfit Ever?

Funny Frat Bro Or A Complete Insult?


Missouri Man Lets His Prejudice Show – Goes to Jail

Charged with Hate Crime since he attacked the men
because he “does not let gay stuff go on.”


Instinct Exclusive with the Cast of 'Where The Bears Are!'

They talk about the show's final season, their favorite moments and more.


Kathy Griffin Shows Off Her Hot Boyfriend & Gets Naked

The caption from the post simply read "Deal With It."


Armie Hammer Shuts Down a Broadway-Bound Bigot

The "Call Me By Your Name" star had some choice
words for a rude, prejudiced couple who disrupted his show.


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Who Are This Week's Hotties Tagging Instinct On Instagram?

Butts seem to be popular, but we love a good smirk, too.


Health Experts Say Summer Junk Is A Real Thing!

Enjoy it while it lasts. Winter is coming.


Vaping, Smoking, and LGBT Teens

Should we be alarmed about this vaping/smoking trend in the LGBT Community?


Leaked, Shared, Whatever, We're Drooling Over Sean O'D's D

If Love, Simon becomes a porn, can we keep the same cast starting with O'Donnell?


Sex Toys In Luggage Shuts Down Busy International Airport

Do you travel with sex toys?
Carry on or checked, you may need to explain.


Opinion: Grindr Isn't Trying To Change

People cannot change with an app update.


Travel Thursday: Key West's Ocean Key Resort & Spa

At the end of Duval lies our choice for
luxury and comfort when in Key West


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