Instinct Exclusive! One on One with Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Nick Mascardo

Andrew Christian trophy boy Nick Mascardo has definitely risen in the rankings when it comes to finding notoriety both in and out of the gay community.  His Instagram page is flooded with likes and comments, as he tends to post some pretty naughty photos every once and a while, and we here at Instinct Magazine have definitely taken notice.

Of course, he has a cute smile, abs and a nice butt, but there is a person behind all of that at the end of day and what they really are about.  Nick's charismatic and upbeat personality are two other key factors that make him such a fun guy to talk to, as evidenced in the exclusive that we just did with him.

He chatted about his upbringing in Florida, how his coming out was one of the best decisions of his life, his blissful enjoyment as an Andrew Christian model, and his love for chips and guac and the Jennifer's (Aniston and Lawrence).  Check it out. 

First of all, let's get more of a background of you.  Where are you from and what was your upbringing like?

I’m from Pensacola, Florida. I lived there for 19 years until I moved to South Carolina for college. I was basically raised at the beach. My parents took me there about 4 days a week! I was such an introvert growing up, huge Disney child, loved chess and drawing cartoons. It wasn’t until high school until I started playing sports and became more social. I then ran track and cross country and even went to college on a scholarship for it.

What was your coming out process like?  

My coming out process was actually last year!  It was a result of the 2017 Andrew Christian Model Search Contest.  My parents ended up finding out through an interview with Andrew Christian they saw and were fully supportive as long as I was happy! Fortunately, my coming out experience was a positive one, the friends I thought who would judge me didn’t even focus on my sexual preference, but more on my success with my new-found modeling occupation.  Since my coming out with Andrew Christian last year, the company has made sure that I make up for lost time and continues to help me experience all the wonderful perks of being a part of the LGBTQ community.

How did you enter into the world of modeling, in particular with Andrew Christian?

I never really took a strong interest in modeling until my junior year of college. It was then that I decided to work with campus life and pose for the colleges advertisements. Soon after seeing my published photos on the site, I took an immediate action and started to look for photographers in the area who were looking for a subject.

After working with a few amazing photographers, I graduated college and returned back to my hometown. Modeling took a backseat to work and soon fizzled out. It wasn’t until last year when scrolling through Instagram that I came across the 2017 Andrew Christian Model Search Contest. A question to myself then arose, “Why not?” And after 5 months of hard work in competing in the contest, a contract was signed, and my life was changed! 

What has been the best part of your experience while working with the popular underwear brand?

There are so many wonderful things about working for Andrew Christian. The international travel, the publicity, the fans and friends I’ve made, the company and the amazing art they’ve produced and what I help to produce, the millions of pairs of underwear I now own, the list is endless! But personally, the best part about working for Andrew Christian is they gave me a part of myself that I had been missing. They gave me a voice, confidence, drive and a family. Being an Andrew Christian Model isn’t just wearing underwear or having abs, it’s being able to show your support and love for your community, expressing yourself, and making connections with people from all over the world who want to be heard too. Andrew Christian has made me a better person, because instead of just thinking of myself, I think of this community that they introduced me to! 

Outside of modeling, are you dating anyone or single and ready to mingle?

I’m currently in a relationship with one of the most beautiful, smartest, craziest dude ever. He supports me and is one of my closest friends! 

Regardless of relationship, what kind of guys do you go for (praying you say a bear?)

When it comes to a relationship I’m old-fashioned.  I see personality first and the animal kingdom never haha. I feel like it’s not enough just to be a pretty face anymore. So my type of guy is someone who laughs all the time, loves to have fun, goal oriented and confident. I guess in the Gay Animal Kingdom my type of guy would be a human. 

OK… speed round: Favorite movie of all time?  Current show your binge watching?  Favorite snack?

Movie: Anything with the Jennifer’s casted in it (Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lawrence).  Show: Riverdale.  Snack: Chips and Guacamole. 

For more information on Nick Mascardo, check out his official IG page here.

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