Instinct Magazine’s Hottie of the Week is Krave and Kulture CEO David Quintanilla

I know a hot guy when I see one. I can also tell when a guy is fantastic after quickly getting to know them.

Texas native David Quintanilla echoes both sentiments and that is why he’s our pick for Instinct Magazine’s Hottie of the Week.





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I got to know David several years ago through his rise in the fashion world. He is the CEO of a fantastic clothing brand called Krave and Kulture, which currently has two brick and mortar locations in Palms Springs and San Diego, California.

Krave and Kulture has become one of the hottest gay men’s brands over the past couple of years thanks to its fantastic designs that read as colorful, unique and attention-getting. Not only that, but its ensembles are friendly to men of all sizes and makes them look sexy as f**k in the process. Just look at one of the shirts I rocked of theirs at Bear Week in 2015. Come and get it, guys.

Whoops, losing focus on who this really is about. Here’s more about our choice this week:

  • David, 36, is also a mixed media artist and photographer on top of being the CEO, curator and designer of Krave and Kulture.
  • His photography has spanned a career of 15 years, where he shot multiple covers of magazines, models and celebrities and was featured in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.
  • He also spent some time as the Senior VP of Operations for internationally acclaimed artist Shane Bowden where he worked side by side with the artist creating new concepts for his work and overseeing operations and galleries in the US and Japan. This is what inspired David to create a business that merged all his passions.
  • He lives with his two partners Rick and Richard and their adorably cute mixed Pitbull Brutus.

Each Hottie of the Week feature includes several fun facts about our subject. Here’s what David said are his:

  • I have a lot of tattoos and plan on covering most my body.
  • The perfect night for me is at home with my guys and some friends having cocktails watching Netflix.
  • I’m a terrible swimmer, but I still love jumping off boats in the ocean.
  • I used to look very different; I had a funny cross bite and was pretty overweight. Over the past few years I have transformed myself mentally and physically.
  • When I’m lifting weights at the gym most people don’t know I’m jamming out to The Greatest Showman soundtrack.




Whistle while you work. Organizing my back room

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To learn more about David, follow him on Instagram here.

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