Instinct’s Hottie of the Week is the Multi-Talented Charlie Harding!

Charlie Harding is undeniably hot without a question. Anyone who disagrees clearly needs to get their eyes checked.

He is also our pick for Instinct's Hottie of the Week, as Charlie encompasses the word "versatility" in what he's been able to accomplish in his life, similar to what his positions were during his glory days in the gay porn world. 

Charlie popped onto the scene and our computer screens about five years ago when he entered the adult industry. He wound up doing over 30 scenes during his time within it, and won several awards in the process. I like to think that Charlie, alongside many other men in the industry like Dirk Caber and Rocco Steele, were the ones who really popularized the "daddy" category in the 2010 decade to the point where their likability exceeded ones of men who were pretty much half their age.

He has since left the industry and has gone onto literally mainstream himself in the world of acting. He had a starring role in director Brandon Deyette's critically-acclaimed feature Proxy back in 2015 while earning his SAG-AFTRA credits and scoring a ton of television hosting and commentator gigs. This includes the  HERE! TV travel series called Underground and a role in the seventh season of Where the Bears AreWerk.

He's also produced a ton of art that he has displayed all over his social media, further proving that you can find talent in more than one industry and be fantastic at it on top of it. 

Here are some other fun facts about this cutie:

  • His favorite movie is David Lynch's DUNE
  • Favorite television show is the reimagined Battestar Galactica on the SyFy network.
  • His favorite snack to grub down on his pizza and pretzels with pub cheese. Yum. 
  • He enjoys science fiction, tattoos and nude beaches as well as spending time with his pups and his very woofy husband Scotty Rage

For more information Charlie and all his endeavors, check out his official website here.

3 thoughts on “Instinct’s Hottie of the Week is the Multi-Talented Charlie Harding!”

  1. You are one hot man and enjoy

    You are one hot man and enjoy seeing you are "Worlds Gym". I would love to have a serious conversation with you some day.

  2. One of the most amazing men I

    One of the most amazing men I have the honor of being an acquaintance with.   LOVE  Charlie!!!!


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