Internet Viral Buddhist Monk In Trouble With Religious Officials For Exercising

One Buddhist monk may be too ripped for his own good.

According to Gay Star News, some photos of a muscular man in Buddhist robes have become viral on social media sites. The pictures however are headless so no one knows who the man is.

That seems to be a good thing though, as the authorities are out to get him. It appears that Buddhist officials think this man is offending the religion, and they’re not sure if he’s a real monk or a random guy dressed as one.

Narong Songarom, deputy director of the National Office of Buddhism, reached out to news sources with a statement saying:

“Against monkhood discipline, this man has put on clothes similar to monk robes and taken photos of himself with fit muscles online.”

“Although not a grave error in the monk’s way, it is an earthly sin that invites societal criticism and damages Buddhism.”

On top of that, Phra Payom Kalyano, the abbot for the Wat Suan Kaew in Nonthaburi, spoke to Khaosod English about how he’s also offended by the photos.

“Building muscles and putting photos up on social media like this is a monk that forgets his vows of monkhood,” he argued.

“It’s inappropriate because it invites criticism and tarnishes our religion. If you want to exercise and have have a muscular body just stay home instead of being ordained.”

This is the second scandal to befall a Buddhist monk this week. Another monk from Taiwan recently had a sex tape scandal after video of himself taking drugs and engaging in a gay orgy leaked online.

h/t: GayStarNews, Khaosod English

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