INTERVIEW: Jonny McGovern Reigns Supreme

Jonny McGovern, the inimitable OG Gay Pimp, is back and fiercer than ever with an electrifying season of Hey Qween! and his new podcast Jonny McGovern is GAY AF. As the irreverent host of these ventures, McGovern continues to captivate audiences with his signature blend of humor, wit, and unapologetic queerness. Whether on screen or in your headphones, McGovern is a force to be reckoned with, celebrating all things LGBTQ+ with style, sass, and a healthy dose of glitter.



Hey Qween!: Where Drag Royalty Takes the Throne

In Hey Qween!, McGovern reigns supreme as he sits down with the eliminated queen from the previous episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 for their debut TV interview. Airing exclusively on World of Wonder’s SVOD platform WOW Presents Plus, each episode is a spectacle of glamour, gossip, and piping hot T straight from the main stage. McGovern’s partnership with World of Wonder grants unparalleled access to the world of drag, bringing viewers closer to their favorite queens than ever before. Check out all the episodes before the gag-worthy Drag Race Season 16 finale!



Despite the glitz and glamour, McGovern’s return to TV is bittersweet, as he reflects on the absence of his beloved co-host, the late Lady Red Couture. Lady Red was not just a co-host; she was McGovern’s best friend and confidante, leaving an indelible mark on the show’s legacy. In her memory, drag queen Kevin Aviance steps into the role, paying homage to Lady Red’s iconic presence and ensuring her spirit lives on in every episode.

A Star-Studded Lineup Fit for a Queen

One of the crown jewels of Hey Qween! has always been its star-studded lineup of guests, which reads like a who’s who of drag royalty. From fan-favorite queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race to rising stars making waves in the drag community, McGovern ensures that every episode is a feast for the eyes and ears.


Whether it’s the quick-witted banter of Jinkx Monsoon, the unapologetic realness of Alaska Thunderfuck, or the boundless creativity of Sasha Velour, Hey Qween! showcases the diverse talents and personalities that make drag such a captivating art form. McGovern’s skillful interviewing allows each queen to shine in their own right, creating moments of laughter, inspiration, and pure, unadulterated fabulousness.

Beyond the Glitter and Glamour: A Platform for Empowerment

While Hey Qween! is undoubtedly a celebration of all things fabulous, it also serves as a platform for empowerment and advocacy within the LGBTQ+ community. McGovern uses his show to address important issues facing queer and marginalized communities, from the fight for equality to the importance of representation in media.


Through his interviews with drag queens, McGovern sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of navigating a world that often fails to understand or appreciate the beauty of difference. By amplifying these voices and sharing their stories with a global audience, he empowers viewers to embrace their own uniqueness and stand tall in the face of adversity.

Jonny McGovern is GAY AF: A Deep Dive into Queer Culture

For fans craving even more of McGovern’s trademark wit and irreverence, Jonny McGovern is GAY AF delivers weekly doses of dirty gay fun straight to your headphones. Available on Spotify, Apple, and all podcast platforms, this show is a celebration of all things queer, featuring McGovern’s unique take on pop culture, tabloid tales, and internet thirst traps.

In Jonny McGovern is GAY AF, no topic is off-limits. McGovern fearlessly dives into stories that might make other podcasts blush, from uncovering which drag queens have OnlyFans accounts to speculating about preacher TD Jakes’ bedroom preferences. With his trademark blend of humor and insight, McGovern proves why he’s always been, and always will be, gay AF.


A Career Built on Fabulousness

McGovern’s journey to LGBTQ+ icon status began over two decades ago with his hit collection of gay-themed songs, “Dirty Gay Hits,” which garnered millions of downloads and caught the attention of mainstream media. Since then, he’s appeared on iconic shows like The Ricki Lake Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever, and Comedy Central’s Out on the Edge, earning him a legion of fans worldwide.


In recent years, McGovern’s star has only continued to rise, with successful tours alongside burlesque legend Dita Von Teese and viral hits on TikTok. Inspired by the success of his song “Man Areas,” which amassed millions of streams and views, McGovern is set to release a new album of Dirty Gay Hits this summer, promising fans even more fabulousness to enjoy.

Looking Ahead: A Legacy of Fabulousness

As McGovern continues to dominate screens and airwaves with his infectious energy and unapologetic queerness, one thing is clear: his legacy as the OG Gay Pimp is secure. Whether he’s gracing your TV screen with Hey Qween! or tickling your eardrums with Jonny McGovern is GAY AF, McGovern is a true trailblazer in LGBTQ+ entertainment, spreading love, laughter, and glitter wherever he goes.

We had a fabulous chat with McGovern and dished about all things glamour and gossip on Hey Qween! and all his past, current, and upcoming projects. Check it out!

Follow Jonny McGovern on TikTok and on Instagram. Catch new episodes of Hey Qween! streaming every Monday on WOW Presents Plus, and tune in to Jonny McGovern is GAY AF on Spotify, Apple, and all podcast platforms. With Jonny McGovern at the helm, the party never stops, and the fabulousness knows no bounds.

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