Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returning To The View?

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Is Our Favorite Political Gab Fest About To Get A Little More Red With Elisabeth’s Return?

Daytime television and their hosts are always good for some drama. Whether Democrats are throwing Ellen DeGeneres under the bus for hanging out with George W. Bush, Wendy Williams telling men to stop wearing women’s clothing, or Matt Lauer getting canned for rape allegations – there’s plenty of feed for the pigs to devour. The one show constantly getting media attention is none other than The View. Yes, we can debate all day long if we side with Meghan McCain or not – and we can cheer when Whoopi Goldberg points a finger – but there is something more important afoot: Someone needs to take the dearly departed Abby Huntsman’s seat. We explained to you in January that seat should go to another Republican, preferably a Trump Supporter, to truly even out the table and well, the literal view, but who would’ve thought the ABC Executives were actually thinking the same thing?


If you watch The View each day, you’ll know they typically do a brief overview in the first minute of each show sending well wishes to any recent natural tragedy. Unlike a mass shooting or something horrific like Hurricane Katrina, they gloss it over and it probably won’t make their YouTube page for further referencing. Today, Goldberg and the ladies sent their love to the victims of overnight’s Tennessee tornado which left at least twenty-two people dead. In the midst of Goldberg’s announcement, she released that former View co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, also currently lives in Tennessee and sent her love as well. Goldberg then dropped that Hasselbeck would be returning to the roundtable next week and is going to be guest hosting on The View, much to McCain’s glee. But, with a seat ready to be filled – we can’t help but speculate Hasselbeck might be coming to usurp her chair!

Hasselbeck, 42, originally began her career as a designer and America’s Sweetheart after appearing on Survivor’s second season in 2001. The innocence and sincerity she brought to the early 2000’s famous reality competition series launched her to getting a seat on The View, eventually becoming one of the most popular and regularly seen-reality television stars of all time. She then became widely known for being a staunch Republican whose view never seemed to sway from her cemented beliefs. Soon, she would be known nationwide after getting into an on-air spat with Rosie O’Donnell and the rest is history. Hasselbeck’s ten year stint on the series has paved the way for future conservatives to appear on The View, something McCain has noted many times.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone left and the show and came back. Both O’Donnell and Joy Behar have left and came back – and Goldberg has had period of absences. To be specific: Behar was fired from the show and invited back. Hasselbeck recently revealed she was also fired from the series, but that didn’t stop them from asking Behar back and may not stop them from prying her either. Last week, Hasselbeck shared memories from her time on The View on her Instagram – does this mean she’s reminiscing of good, old times? She now has an infamous audio recording where she fumes frustration towards the series creator, Barbara Walters, but Walters hasn’t been seen in the public for years – so safe to say, she’s given up conservatorship of the series.


Hasselbeck returning could lead to the most explosive discussions of the panel yet. She’s actually a Trump Supporter (and definitely a Mike Pence Supporter) – and she won’t back down – so this could be absolute mania during the upcoming Presidential Election. Do you think it’d be a good idea for Hasselbeck to make a return seven years later?

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