Who Should Replace Abby Huntsman?

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The View’s Roundtable Is Getting Another Shakeup, But Who Deserves The Next Seat?

Are we going through Deja vu? If you’re a regular watcher of The View you’ll know that their leading ladies have constantly been swapped out for others throughout the series run… and these exits always come with some drama as we learned in the show’s tell-all novel, Ladies Who Punch. The most recent addition to The View is former Fox News correspondent, Abby Huntsman. She replaced the adorable Sara Haines who would eventually go on to star in her own daytime talk show with the super sexy Michael Strahan. Many thought Huntsman, who is openly conservative, would come on and kind of join Meghan McCain in ganging up on the others for some epic television meltdowns. To much surprise, Huntsman was seemingly absent during her run on the show, due to two different pregnancies, and when she was at the table she was more or less pleasant and didn’t ruffle any feathers. While she may be polite and attractive, that doesn’t necessarily make good television. Huntsman announced yesterday that this is her last week on the series as she’s quitting to work on her father’s political campaign.


The View feuds often receive a lot of media attention and most regularly, it tends to be the devote liberal women (Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and the gorgeous Sunny Hostin) versus the aforementioned, controversial McCain. Social media is pushing for recurring guest host Ana Navarro to join the table, but four liberals versus McCain doesn’t sound like a good time. We need someone conservative who is going to shake up the series and provide another view for us to look into. I mean, it’s called The View and we should see all sides, right? There are plenty of other networks that are strictly one political agenda versus another. The View is where it all comes together for an explosion worth watching. That’s why the show’s producers should be looking at the following women to join the roundtable:


Ohhh Gretchen. You probably know journalist and former Fox News anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson because she was a #MeToo champion. Yes, before Nicole Kidman would portray her in this year’s smash hit Bombshell, Carlson was a leader of the sexual harassment/assault movement after she came forward in 2016 with allegations against Fox News’ Chairman, Roger Ailes. Eventually, she settled with Fox for twenty million… after many more women accused Ailes of harassment as well. Still to this day, Carlson has not been working. Her career has been ruined and since she is a conservative, her network of entertainment is a little, well… small. She could probably only work at Fox News… which they obviously aren’t going to hire her back again. Carlson is obviously a professional and I think she could see a career rebirth if The View would give her a chance to get back on her feet. Without question, Carlson should be the first considered to replace Huntsman.


Okay, chances are you don’t like Tomi Lahren at all. Which is fine – she has a very particular personality and it’s an acquired taste that only some can swallow. Lahren’s viral videos took her from a nobody to well, at least a somebody. This twenty-seven-year old former YouTuber would upload videos criticizing liberal agendas – and she hit when the iron was hot… the 2016 election. She’s a present supporter of Donald Trump and her tongue hasn’t stopped since she first began. In her industry, she delivers where it matters… with views. Whether you hate her or like her, you’re watching her videos and giving her the attention she wants. It would be more or less comical to see Lahren on The View, because I can’t really see her making a proper point. Goldberg and Hostin would absolutely destroy her and I’m kind of in to watching that takedown. She’s appeared on the series once before and spoke that she is shockingly Pro-Choice (which reigning Republican McCain is not). That comment got her fired from a conservative talk show, but she’s still actively working and relevant. And she did just help a lesbian come out to her parents during Christmastime. So, she can’t be super horrible, right?


What can you say about Judge Jeannine Pirro that you know, could actually be televised? Would you look in the mirror and say her name three times? I’d rather take my chances with Candyman! Pirro is fiery, blunt, and wildly animated. Seriously, when you watch her videos it’s really like you’re watching a parody of someone being in a staunch conservative. It’s why Saturday Night Live mocks her so much… because you almost can’t believe she’s real. We can say anything we want about her, but she’s got a heavy fan base which is why she currently has her own segment on Fox News every Saturday. Yes, she’s a little batty, but that doesn’t mean she’s ill prepared. Pirro comes out you with facts, whether you’d like to believe them or not, and has gained my respect although I don’t agree with much of anything she says. She’s already gotten into an on-air spat with Goldberg and Behar refused to film with her, so this would be must see television. Very unlikely she’d get asked, or even accept, but I would love to see this Republican warrior show up and show off.

Ironically, Candace Owens was just recently in headlines after getting ousted from a podcast for declaring “only women can give birth” which upset a slew of social media in favor of transgender equality and advocacy. Owens, 30, has been outwardly supportive of the current president and has been vocal of her disapproval for the Democratic party and Black Lives Matter activists…despite being African American herself. Owens is another political commentator, author, and blogger who recently got married and would be the only person at the table in an interracial relationship. The gorgeous young woman would be the youngest person at the hot topics table if she was cast.


Michelle Malkin is a conservative author and political commentator who has an active history of being devoted to the Republican party, especially the reigning president. She’s appeared on The View multiple times already and her stance has never waivered. She was vocally against the Obama Administration and wrote a novel, Culture of Corruption, in 2009 – confirming her hate for him. It’s been a long while since the series has had an Asian American as a co-host and I’d love to see forty-nine year old Malkin go head to head on a daily basis with someone like Hostin, who seemingly matches her intelligence. It’d be a war of the worlds and could make for incredible television.

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