It’s A New Year. Is Dating A Drag Queen On Your List? Maybe It Should Be.

Is one of your New Year's Resolution to get out there and DATE more?  No, I don't mean turning on a social media app and organizing a meeting with the abs that are 3500 feet away.  I mean dating, getting to know someone, having a date with food, out in public, being seen with someone else.

All of that may be easier said than done.  Some of us have traits that cause others to shut us off even before getting to know us.  With the 60% purchase of GRINDR by the Chinese, maybe "no fats, no fems, no asians" will be just "no fats, no fems" from now on.  I'm overweight so I know that is a huge turn off for some while the belly is a turn on for others. 

But what about those other things that a guy does that may be considered a deal breaker?  What about his profession?  Are we all out to snag the doctor, the pharmacist, the lawyer, the nurse, the mortician, the professional sports player?  Do we run away from other types like retail, gas station attendant, the lawyer, the mortician, the hair stylist, the sanitation worker?  You like those lists of stereotypically better or worse jobs?  I don't either. 


Our good friend Miss Haley Star just released a new video, "Dating Drag Queens."  Is this a "hellz to the no" for you when it comes to dating?  Are you one to judge the book by its sparkly amazingly contoured appearance? 

Here is what Miss Haley Star and special guest Davey Wavey have to say about Dating Drag Queens.




 "I feel as though so many people are so quick to judge when it comes to dating. Regardless of the fact I'm a drag queen, people need to be more open and much kinder in the dating scene. Just because I wear a dress a few nights a week doesn't make me any less of a man – in fact, it probably makes me more of a catch than that Grindr hookup you had last Thursday. At the end of the day, get to know a person inside and out before jumping to judgment – you never know what you'll find." – Miss Haley Star


Many of us judge a book by its cover or bank account and then hate when it is done to us.  Are we saying stretch your boundaries and take a drag queen out for a date or two? Excuse me, take a nice man out on a date or two that also happens to perform in front of live audiences on occasion? That's your call.  Are we saying get rid of the "no fats, no fems"  line in your profile, which is usually the only line in your profile?  No, we are not.  You definitely need to be comfortable with whom you spend your time with in the hopes of making something happen.  All we are saying is, if it's broke, fix it.  If you are not having the luck you want and you didn't in 2015, 2014, and 2013, maybe it's time to increase the size of your dating pool by branching out a little bit.  Give other humans with head shots a chance.

Here's to one of my college gal friends.  I remember attending her wedding weekend in Pasadena / Altadena, California a handful of years ago.  It was a great wedding with her Filipino family joining together with his Korean family.  She confided in us that she NEVER considered or pictured herself dating a Korean, but she found true love in him.  I thought that was so touching and it just goes to show, we might be missing out on the love of our life if we need litmus paper to find the correct date.

So go out, give dating a go and take a couple of steps outside of your well defined comfort zone.  Who knows what will happen.


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5 thoughts on “It’s A New Year. Is Dating A Drag Queen On Your List? Maybe It Should Be.”

  1. One of the problems with drag

    One of the problems with drag queens is that they confuse most gay guys by dressing like women and acting overly feminine. The whole act of imitating women is understood as if the performer either would like to be a woman or as if he would like to assume the female role and be treated as such, things that the vast majority of gay men are not attracted to nor do they lust after them.

    If one thing is true is that the vast majority of gay men both feminine and masculine are naturally attracted to looks and expressions deemed masculine (in any degree) so a man that puts so much effort into looking like a woman will find it hard to get the attention of that he also desires in a man.

    Now, nothing is absolute, there are also gay men who find drag queens attractive, probably not many, but they exist.







  2. Boner killer. Drag performers

    Boner killer. Drag performers can be hilariously fun. But for me, there's absolutely nothing sexual about them. If I wanted to have sex with someone who has big hair, clown makeup and chunky jewelry, I'd move to the south and date women. It's a creepy look no matter who does it. 

    • No one ever said you should

      No one ever said you should be turned on by someone in drag or have sex with someone while they are in drag. It was about dating someone that does drag.  

  3. I’m gay and a part time Drag

    I'm gay and a part time Drag Queen (Ivanna Onthetop), I would have no qualms about dating a fellow Drag Queen. Drag is just a job like any other and besides what a great way to learn about the profession!!!

  4. Look—if someone loves being

    Look—if someone loves being in drag and feel real in it then more power to them! HOWEVER I like GUYS. Not guys who like dressing like girls–just GUYS! Nothing against drag queens but it's a big turn-off for me. I did date a drag queen once and it was a disaster.


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