It’s Hot In Here! Charlie Puth Appears In The Buff In Sexy New Sauna Pics

Credit: Charlie Puth Instagram

Charlie Puth appears to have followed in the footsteps of some other A-list studs by pretty much posing naked on Instagram while millions remains in self-isolation. No complaints here, folks.


The “See You Again” singer posted and deleted Instagram pics of him relaxing in a sauna on Tuesday, May 5, which left fans wondering if he was wearing anything at all below his very sweaty waist. Charlie struck a bunch of yummy poses while cracking a joke about the photos as the caption. “hOw DiD tHe CaMEra gEt iNtO tHE sAUNa?!”. Yes, he wrote it just like that. 


The Billboard Music Award winner isn’t necessarily shy about showing off his goods for his nearly 15 million IG followers to gawk at. He appears to forget wearing underwear in many of his snaps (kind of like Lance Bass‘ husband Michael Turchin) and once again, we aren’t complaining.

Other hot celebs that have been putting their enviable bodies on display lately include actor Ansel Elgort and singer Lil Nas X. One took a naked shower, while the other flexed their abs and gave us a hint of what their booty looks like. 

2 thoughts on “It’s Hot In Here! Charlie Puth Appears In The Buff In Sexy New Sauna Pics”

  1. He’s still nothing to look at. And you can’t put him in the same category as Ansel Elgort.
    Also, hasn’t Charlie said some homophobic and sexist things in the past?
    No one “just slips up” and says something demeaning about women, lgbtq or anyone else where it can become public knowledge.


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