Lil Nas X Posts Thirst Trap And Fans Had A Field Day

Images via Twitter

We wonder if Lil Nas X knew what he was getting himself into when he posted these thirst trap photos.

The Ol’ Town Road star posted a few pictures of himself naked in a bathtub late last night. In order to caption the revealing photos, which show him in several different poses, Lil Nas X wrote a simple “no homo.”

For the many fans who discovered these photos in the middle of the night or early this morning, the pictures were a bit of a shock. Lil Nas X really put himself out there with this one. That’s where the world’s funny response to said photos came in. You see, instead of sensationalizing Lil Nas X’s thirst pics, the world just decided to joke about it or even help him get dressed.

After Lil Nas X shared those pictures, some of his fans started sharing them back with him. The thing is, they would draw over his body and give him fun looking outfits. Check out some of those dress up responses (and other jokes shared in the thread) down below.

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