It Happened… Ansel Elgort Joined OnlyFans

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Amid The Quarantine, Many People Are Turning To OnlyFans For Extra Funds, Including Ansel Elgort

Ahh, the gay baiters – we hate to love them, right? That may be the case regarding one of our favorite American-Russian-Norwegian actors, heartthrob Ansel Elgort. You may be familiar with Elgort from his obvious good looks and luscious lips, but this twenty-six-year-old baby face has quite the resume. After starring in the remake of Stephen King’s Carrie in 2013, Elgort became a teeny bopper icon. He would co-star in the Divergent film series, break our hearts in Paper Towns (adapted from a John Green tearjerker), landed a leading role in Billionaire Boys Club (the final Kevin Spacey film to ever see the light of day), and just wrapped filming the much anticipated remake of West Side Story. Throughout his time in the spotlight or just near it, Elgort has been prone to giving his fans and curious eyes thirst traps, but now has may have accomplished the ultimate bait and switch, but for a good cause.


According to Daily Mail, Elgort took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a pretty much nude photo (below) stating that he now had an OnlyFans account and the link was in his Insta-Bio. We aren’t the only ones who know exactly what OnlyFans accounts are for – amateur pornography – so fans’ thumbs couldn’t have pressed the link faster. In another GOTCHA! moment, Elgort’s Insta-Bio link led to not an OnlyFans account, but instead a GoFundMe supporting Brooklyn, New York’s first responders fighting for the general public and the Coronavirus head-on.

Image via Instagram | Ansel

However, the click bait turned out to be a good thing! According to his Instagram story, Elgort raised over $200K for charity (numbers aren’t exact, he’s not the only person promoting). Unfortunately, he took his Instagram post down after Instagram flagged him for nudity. He left a cheeky apology to anyone he offended, because you know someone always has to complain about something. Despite his first big reveal, he claims that his father took the picture and was upset he wasn’t credited for his work. Ahh, to be quarantined with loved ones. Still, we can all almost guarantee that this means Elgort is more than willing to show more on camera in the future. So, after quarantine I’m sure we’ll see more of that happy trail and boy jungle in probably some Indie film. Or, well, our fingers are definitely crossed – and legs wide open.

Elgort isn’t the only person to make the jump to OnlyFans. While Zoom Conferencing is prohibiting nudity and sexually explicit acts on their platform, OnlyFans is seemingly embracing it. Old Town Road rapper, Lil Nas X, is interested in signing up to engage more closely with fans, the always humble and very clearly not-bisexual Aaron Carter has signed on and is seeking female models to do videos with, and even straight guys are showing themselves off for gay audiences. The OnlyFans site has seen a record number of new users who aren’t necessarily signing showtunes for cash, but instead showing their bodies. While we’re all needing a release in many ways among the quarantine, perhaps some should still consider real life will eventually blossom and being an OnlyFans user may make you a unique hustler, but it may affect your dating life in the future. Well, probably unless you’re Elgort.


If you’d like to donate to the GoFundMe account Elgort is promoting for the COVID first responders head over to

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