Jasmine Masters’ “And I Oop” Named Gif Of 2019


Sometimes, fame and success come in forms never imagined.

Jasmine Diane Masters, known as Jasmine Masters, was a contestant in Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and All Stars 4. Unfortunately for Masters, winning either competition wasn’t in the cards. Masters ended up placing 12th in Season 7 and 10th in All Stars 4. But, her claim to fame ended up being from the magic of the internet and not television.

Masters has made a name for herself as a social media darling.

When Masters released the video that would be later known for it’s “And I Oop” phrase, she didn’t know she’d made internet magic. But it appears that the drag star and internet personality did just that.

GIPHY, the site that many use to share GIFs on sites and programs like Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Instagram, and more, says that the “And I Oop” gif has received more than 419 million views in 2019. This makes it the most viewed and used gif in the year.

Masters was sent an award package from GIPHY and recorded the box opening.

“Congratulations on having the number one GIF of 2019,” read a letter sent with the package.

“Oh my goodness!” Masters exclaimed while opening the box and revealing a trophy with a video playing the GIF repeatedly.

“Ohhh, look at me!” she said. “That bitch said ‘and I — oop!”

Congratulations to the internet queen of 2019, Jasmine Masters.

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