Jason Momoa Opens Up His Gym and His Robe In Newest Interview

Is he doing it for clicks? For his fans? Because of his IDGAF attitude? Most of us don’t really care why Jason Momoa enjoys showing off his body.


And it is clear the straight media likes to share his attributes as People embedded a video interview done by another media source. The video is from (not so straight) Men’s Health and has one of their reporters tracking down Momoa in New Zealand.  And the first glimpse we get of him is as he answers the front door naked except for a big pink bathrobe.

“I didn’t know you were coming, I would’ve got dressed up if I knew.” Uh huh. We’re sure that he had a heads up that Men’s Health was going to pop in for who answered the door naked in their pink bathrobe, wide-open for all to see (besides the guy who owned my house before me, but that’s another story).

The semi rapid fire interview goes on to ask Momoa about what’s in his fridge ,where we find his pre-workout, post workout, snacks, alcohol, etc.. We did enjoy watching him eat poi and blowing head … off the top of a Guinness beer can.

Here’s the Men’s Health video in all of its glory, where we see Momoa in his pink robe as well as him in nothing at all while riding his bike. It’s naked cardio!


This is not the first time we’ve shared Momoa sharing what he’s got. 




But we did learn more about Momoa and his work out routine. Listing his favorite exercises, he says he’s a fan of kettlebells and boxing, to keep his cardio up.

“Rock climbing, climbing bikes. So I just got these gravel bikes, they’re fun as hell. Mountain bikes. Riding motorcycles isn’t really a workout, but it mentally clears my head.”

Have we seen enough of Momoa?  Do we keep the images coming? Or do we just say, oh yeah, that’s just our crazy neighbor in his pink bathrobe.

What are your thoughts on Momoa and him showing off all of his parts?

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