John Barrowman Says He Role Plays As Captain Jack Harkness To Excite His Husband

John Barrowman in the "Bad Wolf" episode of "Doctor Who" / Image via BBC

John Barrowman is giving us a sneak peak into his bedroom.

The Flash, Doctor Who, and Torchwood star is opening up about one particular game he and his husband love to play. Specifically, Barrowman shares that he sometimes dresses up as Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who for role play fun with the hubby. And who can blame him?!

Imagine its 2005 and the longest running sci-fi tv show Doctor Who has returned after seemingly ending in the ‘80s. Then visualize Barrowman’s character Jack Harkness entering the scene during the popular “Empty Child” episode. Men and women alike swooned over Barrowman’s pansexual character. We then saw him get his own spin-off show and explore a gay romance there.





Our bed! It’s perfect, the sheets, the pillows. It seems a waste to mess it up and get in it. What should we do? Jb

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With such potent possibility for fanciful satisfaction, many couples have used Jack Harkness as the subject of sexual role play. Apparently, this includes John Barrowman and Scott Gill themselves.

Talking to Gay Star News, Barrowman says he likes to pull out the old time agent’s coat from time to time.

“I have Captain Jack’s coat. I have one of the Doctor’s coats. Scott and I sometimes put them on… ahem!”

He adds, “All I’ll all say is, a healthy gay relationship and straight relationship, you should have role play and do fun things!”

Barrowman also shares that he’d be interested in returning to the character… if asked.

“If I was asked, I’d do it at the drop of a hat. I’d love to interact with the new Doctor. Captain Jack changed my life. I know what an iconic figure he is.”

From his mouth to the BBC executives’ ears.

h/t: Gay Star News

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