John Roberts Drops His New Single ‘Nobody’ With Beth Ditto

A throbbing bass beat and eye-popping animation (directed under the watchful eye of Rafael Perez) both conspire to make John Roberts’ killer new single “Nobody’ be the single that everybody will be hitting dance floors to this season (remixes to this one are absolutely inevitable). Beth Ditto (beloved lead singer of The Gossip) offers up her own sickening and soaring vocals for the track which when matched with Roberts’ deep and breathy vocals, craft it into instant dance floor magic. 


“Beth Ditto’s voice is church-like. It’s an uplifting song,” Roberts told Rolling Stone. Roberts went on to say “When I was a kid, I used to jump on a mini trampoline in front of the mirror to Janet Jackson and it just reminds me of being alone with yourself, spazzing, and dancing. It’s about showing the world that you’re kind of capable of things that they don’t expect. It’s having those moments alone with yourself where you kind of gain confidence, then bring it out to the rest of the world, and just being a little different, confident, and knowing there’s other freaks out there.”

‘Nobody’ is Roberts’ latest collaboration with a rock-n-roll maverick. The single (also the title of the eventual album)  ‘Lights Out’ was released earlier this year, which marked Roberts’ latest collaboration with Blondie front woman and music icon Debbie Harry. Previously, he had worked with Harry on Blondie’s 2017 single ‘Love Level’. 

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