Judge David Bunning, The Anti Kim Davis?

I want to thank ChristianToday.com for letting us know how great US District Judge David Bunning is.  We are not only fortunate to have him on our side and the side of justice now, but his record also shows that he has been a supporter of equality an fair treatment of the LGBT community for decades. 

The Kentucky judge who cited Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for contempt and ordered her detention previously issued a ruling that ordered students to be re-educated about homosexuality despite their objections.

In 2003, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—which filed the case against Davis—sued the Boyd County Board of Education to compel it to allow a gay-straight alliance club at Boyd County High School in Kentucky.


The creation of the club met resistance from the students' parents. In December 2002, the board suspended all clubs in all schools in the district while local ministers organised school walkouts and a public rally against the club.

In a ruling, US District Judge David Bunning ordered the county education officials to allow the club to meet on campus, saying that all clubs should be treated equally.

"Absent a preliminary injunction, plaintiffs will be unable to meet at school, unable to benefit from a forum for discussion with other students who are suffering the effects of harassment based on sexual orientation, and unable to work with other students to foster tolerance among all students," Bunning ruled.

Bunning also required the school district to conduct an annual training on all types of harassment including anti-gay harassment.

A number of students refused to watch a video that conveyed the view that it's wrong to go against homosexuality and that a person's gender identity cannot be changed.

The students sought the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which sued the education board on behalf of student Timothy Morrison and his parents, who said the training "effectively forces the students to speak in agreement with the school district's view that homosexuality is a safe and healthy lifestyle that cannot be changed."

In 2006, Bunning again ruled that the students must watch the video, saying that the education is "rationally related to a legitimate educational goal, namely to maintain a safe environment."

"Plaintiffs are not requesting that a student absent from the training be considered an 'excused' or that the Board offer an alternate assignment on the issue of diversity. Rather, they seek to opt-out of the training altogether," Bunning ruled.

"Given the requirements of the consent decree, the Board cannot meet this demand. Moreover, as there is no burden on plaintiffs' freedom of speech, free exercise or other constitutional right, there is simply no basis for an opt-out," he said.

His decision was appealed to the US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, which overturned his ruling in October 2007 and sided with Morrison.

"Although a favourable decision cannot provide Morrison an opportunity to travel back in time and utter the speech he withheld, it can provide him with nominal damages," the three-judge panel ruled in the 2-1 decision. "Even though these damages amount to little, they serve to vindicate his rights." – christiantoday.com

The original story on ChristianToday.com entitled "Kentucky judge who jailed county clerk once ordered students to watch gay video" was a little slanted, but we do thank the religious dot com for showing us that we have an ally on the bench in Kentucky.  So if Kim Davis rears her holier than thou head again, it seems we will have the support of someone not afraid to educate those who need it.

Thanks Judge David Bunning.  We hope that you don't have to use your judicial powers anymore, but it's great to know you're there if we need you.

4 thoughts on “Judge David Bunning, The Anti Kim Davis?”

  1.   This country was NOT

      This country was NOT founded on Christianity as the basic moral code. When will christians quits telling this lie? Where do christians come up with a moral code that should be respected? It is one blood bath after another with the christan faith. Do you remember god murdered all but eight on the planet, then you have the great crusades, the witch burnings, the murder of the American Indian tribes. The list seems to be endless and many pages could be filled with murderers committed by the christian moral code. 

  2. There is no war on religious

    There is no war on religious freedom .. Everyone is free to believe what you want .. What's happening now , which is great .. Is that you aren't free to tell ME what to believe .. And grant or not grant me the right to marry based on your beliefs .. I would be fine with the argument that marriage is strictly a religious term .. Only if the playing field were leveled .. That means anyone who gets "married" .. BELONGS to a church .. ATTENDS the church .. There's NO such thing as divorce .. The bride is a VIRGIN .. They give 10% of their income to the church etc etc etc .. That would mean that about 95% of the "married" couples in the U.S would have to ALSO come up with some other term .. Then it would be fair .. Hypocrisy is the problem I have with religious zealots .. Always has been .. 

    • I am a conservative christian
      I am a conservative christian and I must say I follow this logic. I agree that we are very hypocritical and the field is not level. We are not fighting against other marriage rights because homosexual marriage is and will continue to be the hot button issue. I want to apologize on behalf of the church that we have lost sight of our fight. We are fighting against people’s rights and that was never the biblical design. Our fight should be in the church. Holding the truths of God’s word to the highest standard with his people. (Christians) This country was founded on Christianity as the basic moral code. Because of that an attack on the countries moral code makes Christians feel it is an attack on their personal moral code. We would be much better off if we stopped trying to fight this fight outside the church and allow the government to do its job and govern people. That being said I believe that the state of Kentucky and all states that do not officially accept gay marriage should figure out there laws and either put laws on the books that clearly state whether they agree with the supreme courts decision. Kim Davis is fighting for the wrong reason. If Kentucky law states she should issue the licenses then her options should be to issue them or resign her post as county clerk. However the supreme court interprets laws it does not create them. They set a precedent for how they believe the country should go on this issue but the reason we have 3 executive branches is for checks and balances. It should now be the job of the Senate and Congress to make the actual laws to be followed federally.


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