Karaoke While Driving Turns Dangerous. Guy Sings, Hydroplanes, & Flips Car, All Caught On Camera.

How many times has that crazy friend sent you a video of them lip syncing while driving?  I've received a ton from a good friend and a drag queen.  Love the ones with the top down and the wigs flying. This recent video of singing while driving didn't go as planned.

Good song playing – check.

perfect camera position – check.

death defying car roll over – check?




Travis Carpenter wanted to film his own carpool karaoke session as he drove to his ultimate frisbee practice. He ended up capturing the most terrifying moment of his life instead. 

Like anyone serious about their karaoke chops, Carpenter wanted to critique his take on a Casting Crowns song. He turned on his dashcam as he made his usual three-hour trip from Indianapolis to Whitewater, Wisconsin. Carpenter says he was going the speed limit and didn’t see anything alarming, but suddenly, in heavy rain, his car started to hydroplane. In an instant, his world was turned upside down. – daiydot.com


First of all, we are glad you are okay Travis Carpenter ! Seeing that roll over was quite epic!

Second, how did you stay so composed?  We would have had to bleep out sooooo much after that.

Thanks again for the entertainment and filming your near death experience.  NO MORE HYDROPLANING!

If you want to hear more from Travis Carpenter, head over to his YouTube page.  He recently posted this new clip.  No cars were harmed in the filming of this video.




Saw a lot of comments in the car crash posts of people sounding disappointed that I didn't have more singing videos on my channel for them to see. So I decided to record my go-to karaoke song for anyone that wants to check it out. And hopefully redeem myself a little bit for that embarrassing showing in my car crash video. – Travis Carpenter


h/t: daiydot.com

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