“Kiss With Pride” Campaign From Absolut Highlights The Struggle For Equality Around the World

"Kiss With Pride", Absolut's latest campaign, seeks to highlight LGBTQ struggles around the world.

Last month, Absolut released it's "Equal Love" commercial featuring a long, diverse kiss as part of London's Pride Festivities. "Kiss With Pride," follows on its heels and celebrates the 50th anniversary of homosexuality being decriminalized in England. The photos are courtesy of Sam Bradley, and done in cooperation with the British LGBTQ organization, Stonewall.

The campaign wants to highlight equal love, while featuring many people from the 72 countries where it is still illegal to engage in homosexuality. 

Bradley said of the campaign:

It’s quite rare for advertising to be for a cause without it feeling disingenuous. This felt absolutely natural and true.


Watch the "Equal Love" Video below:

H/T: Huffington Post

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