Kit Williamson & John Halbach Are “Adorable” Relationship Goals

I'll be the first one to say it: actor Kit Williamson is beyond adorable.  I first took notice of this earlier last month, when I stumbled on an insanely gorgeous photo of him posing shirtless outside of John F. Kennedy Airport, which, quite frankly, I would've gotten off my flight just to get a better look.


Happy #halloweenie from the Rescue Rangers!

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What makes him even cuter is his relationship with fellow Eastsiders star John Halbach, who plays Ian on the Emmy-nominated series.  The couple have been together for ten years now, got married last year, and proudly show their love for each other on their prospective Instagram pages.


Pillow fight, anyone? #williamsburghotel

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Before we get into that, Kit recently posted a photo of him getting into a pillow fight… with himself.  That just needs to be seen.  

Not only do these two act together, but they also just launched their own lifestyle publication called Where Gentlemen Go, detailing great spots for the modern gent to go.  


Getting back into our gym routine—it’s a hectic travel month but Halloween is imminent! #basicgays

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They spoke to Out Magazine two years ago about their engagement, and how it was John who actually proposed to Kit. "I proposed to him, even though he had secretly planned to do it on our manniversary. But I beat him to the punch! It was the night he finally got to our new apartment in New York. I had been living there for a couple weeks, getting everything set up, and I thought it would be a good chance to surprise him. I met him at the door downstairs with champagne and took his bags and he headed up the stairs in front of me. He opened up the door to my proposal magic, but he was talking over his shoulder and didn’t see that there were fifty candles and a light-up sign and mood lighting."

Kit mentioned how flustered he was when he first met him ten years ago.  " I thought he was the most handsome guy I’d ever seen. I’d actually noticed him before at that pub, but I had been too intimidated to talk to him. I was really giddy and excited to finally have an excuse to."


Paparazzi* shot of us at #AspenSummerHoliday. (*Paparazzi= @xepaalex)

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Expect Season 3 of their show Eastsiders to be released soon.  


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