‘Last Will & Testicle” – Tragedy Turned Into An Award Winning Web Series.

How many times have you rolled around your balls and questioned what you were feeling?  How often do you check?  Well get checking because if you find something down there you may have the material for a fun web series about testicular cancer!  Wait, what?  Going with the saying, when life gives you lemons, in this case, when the doctor takes a testicle away, get creative and write?  Okay, I'm trying to make this funny and failing miserably.  Luckily, Byron Lane is actually funny and shares his dealing with testicular cancer in the web series entitled "Last Will & Testicle."  He just dropped Season 2 on us and here is the preview below.




I asked Byron to tell me about his journey in a "nut" shell from pre-grumpy testicle to where he is now. 

I had a great job that I just didn't love and lots of ideas for things to write and produce but there was the sense I would do them "someday."

Then there was a big lump on my ball. And then doctor said "cancer." And then "surgery" and my first thought was excitement that I would get time off work! Isn't that crazy?! Then he said "chemo" and I sort of had a moment where I was like "life is happening!" And I would tell people about my rude testicle with the lump of cancer and it got some chuckles and I decided I had to write all this. And if I had to do chemo, I had to produce and shoot the script fast. So there was no time to procrastinate or keep endlessly developing the material which was a bad habit.

So in a couple weeks I wrote it, asked talented and generous friends to be in it, and that was that! And my ball was removed and biopsied and I didn't need chemo after all. (I still get checked every couple months to make sure it's still gone). And I feel so lucky it was easy ball cancer and not brain cancer. What if, you know? I wish I didn't need the cancer to kinda make positive changes in life. But I'm really glad it all happened!

That was about a year ago. And season one has won some awards. And now I'm super excited about season two. And every time I feel an ache or pain I think maybe that's my season three! Haha!

Of course cancer is not a fun, funny, laughable thing, but we all deal with tragedy differently and this is how Byron has dealt with it.  Now, he's receiving nods and tweets from fricken Princess Leia, I think what Byron has created is a good thing.  When my father had prostate cancer, I wanted him to do all the research he could on what procedure was the best for him.  We put him in touch with survivors whom had dealt with the diagnosis in many different ways.  Here is Byron's way of dealing with his own personal disease.  Maybe it will help one or more men deal with their testicular cancer diagnosis.  Maybe it will get people to roll their balls around in the shower and check more, and if they do find something, know that it isn't the end of the world. 

Thanks Byron for your humor.  We truly hope nothing else bad happens to you, but if it does …

Check out  all the info over at http://www.lastwillandtesticle.com/


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