‘Legendary’ Star Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci Shows Off His MASSIVE Package: Watch

Credit: Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci instagram

I was scrolling through my Facebook yesterday when a lovely friend of mine posted a link about Jarrell Hargraves AKA Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci from HBO Max’s series Legendary

Now I was already a fan of this dude for many reasons as he’s quite talented on top of being ridiculously handsome.


Not saying that this particular video of him made me like him even more, but Jarrell happens to be beyond blessed in the peen department which is an added plus to an already stellar looking dude (see the NSFW video here. Seriously NSFW. Deliciously NSFW. You get the point). 


Jarrell appears to be aware of his popularity as of late. He, just like A-list hunk Chris Evans, turned his notoriety into something much bigger (no pun intended) by encouraging his fans to vote in next week’s election. 

Chris & Jarrell are just two of the famous men we know and love who have put their d**k on display this year. Whether it be for a movie/television role or an “accidental” leak online, we’ve seen them in all their glory and are not complaining one bit about what they are bringing to the table package wise.


2020 had a bevy of gorgeous guys leaving nothing to the imagination on screen. Paul Mescal showed it all of during the first season of his critically acclaimed show Normal People. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II did the same on the HBO series Watchmen. He later won a Primetime Emmy for his work. 

See! This year wasn’t all that bad fellas. 

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