Is Lil Nas X Dating Someone?

Image via Instagram @lilnasx

What’s this? Is Lil Nas X signaling that he’s taken?

Over the weekend, “Montero” singer Lil Nas X updated his Instagram Story. In the photo, Lil Nas X is seen lying shirtless on a bed. But, there’s another body laying under him. It appears that the 22-year-old musician is resting his head on the lap of another shirtless man. Plus, the song “Amor” by Bryant played in the background.


Lil Nas X ended up not captioning the picture and it has left many of his fans speculating over his relationship status.



Some are guessing that Lil Nas X’s mysterious new beau is Yai Ariza, the dancer whom he kissed at his iconic BET performance. To back up that theory, some Lil Nas X fans have alleged that the singer can be seen in the background of Ariza’s recent Instagram stories, according to Pride. In addition, X commented on one of Ariza’s new posts saying, “eres hermoso,” which roughly translates to “you’re beautiful.”

That said, neither Lil Nas X or Yai Ariza have come forward to confirm those theories. For now, it seems Lil Nas X wants to tease fans with the fact that he may be dating someone. But, he’s not ready yet to reveal exactly who that is. And that’s where the story will have to stay for now.

Source: Pride,

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