Literally Hot: ‘Ex on the Beach’ Star and Social Media Influencer Joss Mooney Shares Full-Frontal Tanning Bed Snap

Ex on the Beach star and social media influencer Joss Mooney has revealed himself in all his glory— and it’s something to see!

Cocktails and Cocktalk brought the latest snaps to our attention. The mega-muscular, 31-year-old model and fitness instructor took a full-frontal of himself in a tanning booth. Everything from head to toe is on-point. Thumbs up!

Is anyone else reminded of that naked tanning bed scene starring mega-muscular Christian Bale in American Psycho? Did anyone else pause that a lot as a teen male adolescent discovering things about themselves? Am I making this too personal and intimate?!

Anyway, here’s a preview of Mooney’s killer bod and his mooney.

For the NSFW full-frontal, head here.

h/t: Cocktails and Cocktalk

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