Lublin Police Used Water Cannons And Tear Gas To Thwart Violent Pride Protestors

Warning: The video below shows depictions of violence.

A gay pride event in Poland was tragically and violently stalled after police had to step in to protect parade marchers.

According to local news source GGG, massive riots broke out during the first Pride parade in Lublin, Poland.

The eastern Polish city was struck with controversy just days before the parade was supposed to take pace, according to Gay Power Couple. The city’s mayor banned the march just a few days ago after homophobic Governor Przemyslaw Czarnek pressured him to stop the event.

That said, the Court of Appeal overruled the ban on Friday (October 12), and the event took place this past weekend.

Around 1,500 people took part in the Equality March on Saturday. Unfortunately, around 200 anti-gay protestors showed up to the event as well. These protestors started shouting while throwing stones and bottles at marchers, which prompted the police into action.

The authorities then used tear-gas and water cannons to thwart the opposing side.

“We have arrested several people but I am sure that number will increase,” said Lublin police spokesperson Renata Laszczka-Rusek in an official statement.

“During the gathering, we provided security for the participants despite the numerous illegal actions of their opponents.”

Despite the violence, the police carried out their job of protecting the marchers. Many pride participants praised the police for their efforts to protect the people.

h/t: GGG, Gay Power Couple

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