Luke Macfarlane Talks About ‘Bros,’ Sexuality and “Masculine Drag”

Luke Macfarlane recently starred in the 2022 gay rom-com ‘Bros’ alongside Billy Eichner, and he shared more about his character Aaron in a recent interview.

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The 42-year-old Canadian-American actor told Attitude that his recent role went through a similar life experience as himself in the past.


“There’s a moment in history that Aaron and myself lived through where sexual liberation doesn’t mean liberation. We got the right to go to a room full of shirtless guys and make out and take them home and not worry about getting sent to jail. That sexual liberation is important. And we did that. And Aaron’s out. But I think the other piece of it is the real work of the heart, to also feel love, and that is the harder part,” he shared.

Macfarlane continued on and even revealed,

“In fact, watching Bros is tough for me.”

His statement was referring to his character Aaron’s first scene in a gay bar where most people are topless. The actor further explained,


“It reminds me of a part of myself. He [Aaron] was uncomfortable in his own skin, even though he looks the part and is seemingly popular. But yeah, the big difference is just how comfortable they are in their own skin, especially as it relates to their own sexuality in the world.”

He also touched on the topic of what he calls “masculine drag,” which is the act of wanting to seem tough.

“Wanting to seem tough, wanting to go, ‘Yes, I’m gay, but I’m also tough’. It’s the horrendousness of masc for masc. It’s a really damaging thing,” the actor expressed.

Furthermore, Macfarlane also shared that the pressure of acting tough affected him while working on the 2005 action war series ‘Over There’ stating,

“That was the only time I ever really suffered from trying to pretend I was something that I wasn’t when the camera wasn’t rolling. When Brothers and Sisters came along, I was like, ‘I don’t want to ever do that again.’ It’s not a way to work or to feel good about yourself.”


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  1. Ever since I was a young gay I can remember I’ve been uncomfortable in my own skin, even when I was a little twink with a skinny/decent body

    • Bily does warn you early on that not all gay people are nice, then spends the rest of the movie obsessively being one of those gay people. And Aaron’s high school crush is eye candy too.


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