Mariah Carey Strikes Holiday Gold, AGAIN!

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson – “Oh Santa”

Mariah Carey is back with a new song that seems well-poised to become another holiday classic – even though the ‘Butterfly’ diva previously raised the bar pretty damn high with her massive annual hit All I want for Christmas.

This time around, Mariah has invited two powerhouse vocalists to join her in a duet of her new jolly, jingling tune. I’m confused if it is called a ‘duet’ when three people sing together. In any event, Oscar-winning actress and vocalist Jennifer Hudson and current pop phenomenon Ariana Grande share the spotlight with Mariah on the song. Each delivering solo verses is their unique vocal styles and then uniting in the joyous chorus. 


The song and video dropped yesterday, leaving fans of all three divas shook! The response has been mostly positive, with people all over social media sharing the retro-tinged Christmas ditty that rings like a Phil Spector-inspired 1960s girl group throwback. 


The unanimous buzz about the collaboration online is the significance of Grande and Carey singing together on a recording, after years of rumors that the two were feuding. There have also been those snarky (but hilarious) videos made by Grande’s fans and insinuations that Carey was jealous of the much younger chanteuse who, like Carey, can hit notes that only dolphins can hear.

This obvious Carpool Karaoke fake but funny spoof of Grande & Carey is one of my favorite parodies. It was created by Saint Hoax the pseudonymous Syrian artist, satirist and socio-political activist:


This new release puts an end to any speculation of a jealous Mariah – one of pop music’s most celebrated, record-breaking artists and songwriters. On “Oh Santa,” she is humble as she invites Hudson and Grande to shine with her. Then to hush ney sayers who claim that Carey can no longer sing like her younger self, she serves up the song’s fabulous finale, delivering her signature whistle note, once solo and then in harmony with Grande! For the record, Mariah slays the higher octave of the two as they harmonize. Just sayin!

Oh, Santa!” was originally released in 2010 as one of the tracks from Mariah’s second Christmas album/thirteenth studio album, Merry Christmas II You. Carey wrote and produced the song with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox, and it was released as the lead single from the album. In collaboration with Hudson and Grande, this new re-working adds a welcomed feel-good sparkle to the end of what has been a difficult year for so many of us. And it’s great to sing along to. Don’t believe me? Just ask Two Gay Matts!

Mariah’s kids make an appearance in the lively video that takes place inside Santa’s workshop at the North pole, seemingly on Christmas eve. The ladies look and sound terrific; Mariah looks especially sexy in her plunging neckline -Santa’s helper- inspired mini dress!


Yes, honey, both sets of Mariah’s twins make an appearance in the video. (Eh hem.)

Happy Holidays & Shady Christmas!

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