Mario Cantone Mocks “The Mooch” and He Doesn’t Look Thrilled

The entire Trump administration, whether they want to see it this way or not, is easy to impersonate and make fun of.  Heck, they even win Emmys for it (talking about you, Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy).  So it should come as no surprise that Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci would have to throw his hat in the "mock" category at some point, even though he was press secretary for only a brief moment.

In a clip from The View, Joy Behar asks him who has impersonated him.  He first says Bill Hader on SNL and then says beloved gay comic Mario Cantone.  Two seconds later, Mario comes out (no pun intended) as The Mooch and, well, let's just say the real Anthony didn't seem to happy or impressed during the rendition.



You can see the clip here, which is part hysterical and somewhat cringeworthy as well.  The best part was the brilliant shade that each of them threw each other before the segment ends.  

 “How bummed were you when I got fired? You were on your way, and then you got shot down like a little bird," says a shady Anthony.

Mario's response?  “You got nothing. Spicer got the Emmys and you’re sitting here with four bleeding-heart chiacchierones.” Oh, snap!

What did you think about this exchange? 

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