Marvel Comics Reveal Former X-Men Villain’s Gay Through Post-Sex Scene With Iceman

Looks like Marvel comics is trying to spice up openly gay X-Men Iceman’s sex life before his new solo comic series.

In the latest issue of the X-Men Gold series, X-Men: Gold #31, Iceman is seen in post-coital confusion with a fellow mutant. One page in the scene, shared below, reveals that Iceman (real name Bobby Drake) had a one night stand with former-villain-turned-accomplice Pyro (real name Simon Lasker).

Pyro’s big reveal comes with him walking out of the bathroom. Lasker then states that the shower is free before adding, “Or, I could go back in if you want company.”

Drake tries to set boundaries by saying their sexual exchange was a one-time event, but Lasker blows that off with a joke.

As Hornet points out, Pyro has been an ongoing character in the X-Men universe for decades now. The first iteration of the character was named St. John Allerdyce, who originally started out as a member of anti-human group the Brotherhood of Mutants.

During Allerdyce’s creation, comic book artist John Byrne intended for the character to be gay and drew him to look the part, according to Comic Book Resources. Unfortunately, writer Chris Claremont disagreed with this inclusion and decided to make Allerdyce British in the text (and then later Australian).

Later, Allerdyce died in the comics, and Lasker took his place as "Pyro." Lasker was also brainwashed into joining the Brotherhood, but soon learned of the group's ties to an anti-mutant activist that was using them as an example to hate mutants.

Disgusted at being tricked, Lasker left the Brotherhood to join the X-Men (ironically, to the skepticism of Iceman).

While Pyro’s original intended creation was to be gay (in a somewhat ridiculous way), this new reveal in X-Men: Gold is the first time the character has been officially LGBTQ.

In addition, Bobby Drake is getting his second chance at a solo series this September. The series will follow him hunting down a mysterious murderer of the world’s underground mutants, otherwise known as Morlocks.

Fellow X-Men Kitty Pryde and Bishop have already been revealed to appear in this new solo series releasing on Septmber 12.. Now that this sexual relationship has been brought to the table, we wonder if it will continue in Iceman Issue #1.

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