Matthew Camp Shows Off His ASSets As He Sprawls Out in Bed

Here is what I know about Matthew Camp so far. He is an actor who has been in a couple of films according to his official IMDB page. He has his own line of shirts, leather and fragrances called Matthew Camp Designs.  Oh, and he boasts close to 500,000 followers on his Instagram account due to the thirst meter on each post reaching levels that I didn't even realize exist.  Especially the one he posted yesterday.

Matthew's Instagram is chock full of photos of him that leave very little to the imagination (we have covered this sort of "hard hitting news" in the past, emphasis on the word "hard") however the one he just posted definitely takes the cake in many ways possible.

With the hashtag #zaddywithafatty, Matthew sprawls out on his bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that just happen to be half off his gorgeous booty.  

God bless Matthew, god bless.


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