Max Emerson Gets A Ski Stuck Where You Least Expect It

From the reception he gets, Max Emerson is quite the popular guy to feature here at Instinct.  So much that we actually named him one of the hottest gay celebrities of 2017, and rightfully so.

His Instagram is chock full of delicious photos of him in a variety of poses, most of which show him shirtless or with little to no clothes.

Hence his latest photo, where he appears to be going skiing in nothing but his skivvies with one of the skis shooting right out the front of his crotch.  Not that we are complaining, but its good to know that he thinks pretty well of himself in that department.


Nobody gets more excited about #ski season than me. @ryanfisherofficial

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1 thought on “Max Emerson Gets A Ski Stuck Where You Least Expect It”

  1. I was expecting this article

    I was expecting this article since I saw this pic before 😛

    I have said it before, I just like the way Max seems to be (in a way) asserting his alpha male status in a kind manner and inviting you have him as your fantasy.



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