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I had the pleasure of making many new friends during a press event at the beginning of this month.  One in this group, we all agreed, stood out in a phenomenal way.  She's the type of friend that I may not see for a many years, but I know we can pick up where we left off. The sad part about not seeing her often is that is not only do I consider her a friend, but I consider her to be one of the best individuals I have ever met and may ever meet in my life.

I told Sara Geffrard that I wanted, I needed to do a piece on her for Instinct Magazine.  Other responsibilities occurred, but luckily, another one of my new friends from the press event works for DailyXtra and one of his coworkers Ayesha Kelman interviewed Sara and wrote the following piece.

There’s a paradigm shift happening in fashion — millennials are making a move toward gender-neutral clothing. Blurring the lines between the concepts of men’s and women’s clothing, today’s youth are instead embracing a worldview that is more open to ideas of sexuality, identity and gender.

Leading the pack when it comes to breaking down ideas of gender is Sara Geffrard, editor-in-chief of A Dapper Chick, a style and fashion blog dedicated to women wearing menswear. With topics ranging from a timeline of women in menswear, to how to tie a tie (don’t pretend like you know how), to highlighting the fashion world’s move toward genderless clothing lines, Geffrard’s blog is testament to the power of style.

During our 4-day press event, we would wait in the lobby for our shuttle to be transported to the first of many events, but truthfully, we were mainly waiting to see how Sara would outdo the rest of us, seven pretty stylish gay men in their own right.  There was no contest.  We were taking pointers from her style from day one.  Sara elaborated that she does have many gay and straight male followers, not just women.

Geffrard describes her style as “svelte, classic, progressive, modernistic, and engaging,” with an emphasis on good fit and comfort. She started her blog as means of sharing her personal style, and has since gone on to found The Dapper Chicks, a group of women dedicated to using style to help empower others, “standing in style” for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and women’s equality.

While Geffrard now has a love of suits, vests and coats, her style evolved from a desire to be comfortable and be a reflection of who she is. A self described introvert, Geffrard uses her style to help give her a voice.

“I embrace both masculinity and femininity,” she says. “Yes, I like wearing men’s clothing and I present myself in a rather masculine way, but I also love being a woman. I like doing girly things, sometimes I let my nails grow long, and I cover my eyes when people kiss in movies. I don’t feel as if I have to be a specific way, and that’s comforting.”

For more on Sara Geffrard, head over to the rest of Ayesha Kelman 's article at DailyXtra.comThere, Sara answers the questions about gender in style, heteronormativity, what clothes make her feel good, and how her style relates to her sexuality.

I feel that was one of the more impressive things about Sara.  Not saying that she wasn't trying and it is not hard work to look that great and being that nice, but it seems she does it effortlessly,  I know if I was to try to pull off her style, it would take too much for me to look half as good. Her confidence was present, soft, and infectious. 

During one of our shuttle rides, sitting there being so impressed with her life story, which is hardly 24 years long, and listening about her love of her favorite food group, french fries, I asked Sara what her biggest goal was for this year.  "To be on Ellen," she said.  Listening to her elaborate on that point, I had no doubt she would make it happen.  But … if there is anyone out there that can help her make that happen, please reach out to me or Sara.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again Sara when the time allows, but until then, thanks for keeping us all updated on Facebook and Instagram and we will look for you on Ellen.

Follow Sara’s fashion exploits on Instagram: adapperchick

Facebook: a dapper chick



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