Meet Yai Ariza, The Dancer Who Kissed Lil Nas X

Images via Instagram @yai_ariza & @gregswalesart

So THAT’S who he kissed? Now we’re even more jealous.

Earlier this week, musician Lil Nas X made waves by kissing one of his dancers during a performance of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” at the BET Awards. For many people, seeing a rising Black queer artist kiss another man on a popular black program, after the artist already talked about homophobia in black spaces, was… iconic (to say the least).

But who was the man on the other end of that kiss? Turns out, it was a dancer named Yai Ariza. And, this isn’t the first time that we’ve come across him here on Instinct.

According to Ariza’s Instagram profile, his pronouns are “He/Him” and he was “born and raised in Colombia co,” and now he’s “Living in Los Angeles.”

After digging a little deeper through his social media (for research, of course), we discovered that Yai Ariza has appeared in other queer-centric projects. For instance, he was the dancer who licked Lil Nas X’s neck during the viral SNL performance. You know, the one where Lil Nas X ripped his pants.

On top of that, Yai Ariza appeared prominently in the queer dance cover of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP.” Created and organized by Angel Merino, the video included several queer men of color dancing their hearts out. And, again, Yai Ariza was one of the sexy men dancing in the video.

And we’ve got to be honest. After that, we got too lost in our “research” to find much else. But can you blame us? We mean, just look at this sexy man!

We look forward to seeing what Yai Ariza does next!

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  1. And you’re making your homophobic trolling insults on a gay magazine page. WTF you doing here then? And btw, BET isn’t just for you. It’s for everybody.

    • No it isn’t. It’s a racist outlet for ignorant and vulgar hip hop music designed to keep people dumb and lacking of a healthy spirituality with God.


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