Memorial for Gay Holocaust Victims Vandalized in Germany

Google Image of Gay Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust was an abhorrent time in history that left millions dead at the hands of Nazi Germany. Among the numerous victims of the Holocaust were gay citizens, who were seen as abnormalities and were subjected to horrible treatment in concentration and termination camps.

A memorial in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park was dedicated to the gay victims of the Holocaust where visitors peer through a window to see a video of a same-sex couple kissing. The memorial is near the city’s monument to Jewish victims of the Holocaust. According to NBC, the memorial was recently vandalized.

The vandalism occurred overnight on Monday and was fairly simple with someone painting over the window so people could not see through it. While fixing the monument is presumably an easy task, the vandalism shouldn’t have happened in the first place. How was this innocuous memorial causing harm to anyone?

A memorial in Berlin dedicated to the gay victims of the Holocaust was recently vandalized. Image via Gay Times.

Additionally, Berlin police do not have a suspect and won’t say whether or not there was surveillance during the time of the vandalism so it’s anyone’s guess as to who did this. 

It’s horrific that someone would vandalize something so touching, something that is near and dear to the families of the victims of the Holocaust, but as we know all too well, there are just some unscrupulous people out there. We’d like to think the majority of people are good and want to do good, or at least that’s what we want to be true.

Google Image of Gay Holocaust Memorial

Source: NBC

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