‘Mr. Model Mexico’ is Firm That Beauty is NOT in the Eye of the Beholder

Every year, the state of Tabasco, Mexico holds a male beauty contest Mr. Model that searches for the most beautiful men to represent the state. An annual tradition, this contest is a regional competition that goes on to compete on the national level to find the hunkiest men in Mexico.

According to the NY Post, in 2017 the Mr. Model competition canceled the beauty contest after already having a group of contestants—because of lack of beauty!

Here are some of last year’s preliminary competitors:




In an official Spanish press release, the Mr. Model Tabasco organization posted to Facebook:

The National Mr. Model Mexico organization regrets to inform you that the search for Mr. Model Tabasco 2017 has been canceled until further notice. Due to the lack of physical requirements met by contestants and put in place by the organization:

  • Minimum 5’8”
  • Physical beauty in face and body
  • 17-27 years old
  • University educated
  • English fluency (or knowledge of the English language)
  • Current passport

We ask for the pardon of all sponsors and the public who have created a mark in the state of Tabasco. We should also mention that Mr. Model Tabasco will continue to search for the best possible candidate who exemplifies masculinity in the state and who will represent us in the national competition.


Oscar Servin León

President and Director / Mr. Model Mexico

So everyone who applied was ugly?

It's like a picky dating-app profile–but in real life!

Folks on social media were outraged at the decision that they would discredit any of the applicants who felt they could successfully represent the state of Tabasco. Some comments were as follows:

What do you expect–European models who are blonde and have green eyes? The people here are real!

I am enraged to read how you play with people’s emotions and the self-esteem of the contestants. I hope NO ONE ever shows up to represent your mediocre organization.

Poor contestants who were competing. If you already had specific requirements, why did you let them enter the contest? Now they are living with the embarrassment on a national level.

What a sad organization that discriminates the state of Tabasco. It’s not fair that all the participants were no longer able to compete. Hopefully the people of the Tabasco will no longer enter these competitions from this type of disrespect. Canceling your event because people are ugly? Get the f**k out!

Alas! A couple of weeks later, the organization re-opened the call for participants and found someone who they felt was worthy of competing at the national level, José de Jesús Torruco López:

What do you think? Wasn't he beautiful enough?


Ultimately, the contestant from Tabasco did not win the national title of Mr. Model. Instead, the title went to Piero Renero, the contestant from the state of Puebla.

Good choice?





So with all this drama surrounding the state of Tabasco, Mexico, what’s in store for the future of Mr. Model Tabasco?

Well, someone dropped the ball somewhere in 2017 and it looks like the regional organization is looking for a new director since January. Did he fudge on last year’s competition?

The organization posted:

Mr. Model Tabasco will change administration. If you’d like to be the director of the state, send us an inbox message letting us know about your experience and why you’d like to be Director of Tabasco.



A simple call on Facebook–a little casual, no?

Whatever the case may be, hopefully being director of the competition doesn’t require them to be beautiful. If that’s the case, they may be in for a long search based on their standards.

h/t: NY Post, Facebook

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